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RiduciLe opere di CHENGGENG YU - The CHENGGENG YU 's artworks

The religion for me myself——box04
paper、Propylene、Watercolor 31x41cm


Sea god
Canvas、Propylene、Emulsioni paint  130x160cm

City Demon/03
Wood、Propylene 30x40cm

Inner drama
Canvas、omprehensive materials 180x180cm

City Demon/01
Wood、Oil painting 30x45cm


The religion for me myself——box02
paper、Propylene、Watercolor pen 26.7x37.5cm

RiduciLa sua Arte - About his Art

The source of my inspiration is my curiosity and fear for some events or phenomena. After exploring my emotions and desires, I use painting, instead of language or letters, as a means of expression and convey my feeling and experience through my work.

I think it’s like religious rituals, which are originated from fears or worships toward some events or phenomena. By creating a specific image and engaging in a special ritual, people will be able to gain inner peace and even try to control such a strong power.

2014-2016 Master Of Fine Arts  Central Academy Of Fine Arts
2014 Start The Series Of "The Religion For Me Myself"


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