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MEGA ART, for its alternative way of presenting itself as an "art gallery", aims to promote, in addition to personal, bi-personal and collective exhibition exhibitions, the initiative of

SMALL FORMAT, a different way of bringing the public to the art, giving the possibility of having painted painters of certified authors at a very low price.

The MEGA ART Art Gallery then organizes, in collaboration with the Pro Loco of Corchiano, the exhibition of "SMALL FORMAT", to be held from 25 December to 7 January at the San Valentino Palace in Corchiano Vt during the Christmas period (i the opening days of the exhibition will be the ones where the Nativity scene performs).

The exhibition will see a high turnout of audience as it is inserted into a mandatory route for viewers who will have to undertake to attend the Presentation of the Living Crib of Corchiano (one of the most beautiful in Italy) that this year returns to the historic location of Old village. To see images click here:

This initiative will be followed by other smaller themed exhibitions at our MEGA ART Art Gallery.




The exhibition is exclusively for artists associated with MEGA ART.

In order to limit the price of the works, it is advisable for participating artists to exhibit drawings or digital art (by drawing any artistic paper technique) in predetermined small standard sizes.

Below you will find a mirror where the size of the drawing is placed to the left, the size of the frame in the center and the right of the sale price equal to all the works of the same size:

DRAWING                            FRAME                              PUBLIC PRICE

cm 10 x 15                       cm 15 x 20                                   € 80
cm 13 x 18                       cm 18 x 24                                   € 100
cm 18 x 24                       cm 24 x 30                                   € 150

Every work must be framed. Navigating on you will find a wide range of cheap frames.
For partial cover of organizational expenses, the fee of Euro 5 for each painting is fixed and the number of works to be exhibited is free.

The percentage for sales at the MEGA ART Art Gallery will be 30%.
The shipment of the package containing the works will be borne by the artist both for the going and the return.
The interested artists can write to or call the president Claudio Giulianelli 39 393 0402949

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