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Road head

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Text ball

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RiduciHis Biography

My Name is Ian Richard Laws.

My work is abstract and it includes many forms of media,including Photographs,text,Acrylic on Canvas Painting etc.


I am trying within my work to speak about the inner world of my problems with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,anxiety and panic disorder,medications,being in hospitals,and living outside the mainframe of society.

I hope to show through Artistic work what living away from the mainline of so-called"Normality"can be like and to hope for inclusion rather than exclusion from everyone while maintaining an individuality that is critical to each one of us by bridging a gap with my images that everyone can relate to.

Art is something for me as it i sfor so many people where i feel i can speak in a language that is not expressible in literature or speech.

It can be seen and imagined with the eye through images that give an insight into world's that are hidden from sight in everyday life.
I would like megaart to be the first place that i have exhibited my work widely.

I have done a lot of work but i have never put it out into the public arena in any big way.

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