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A touch of evening sun

[2016 - Agger Tange, Denmark]

A light breeze after the rain

[2016 - Flade Sø, Denmark]


Silent waves

The night covers the valleys with a sea of clouds,
The silent waves of rock keep watch
Until the sun rises

[2017 - Vendrogno, Lecco, Italy]


Caressing the clouds

The rains disappear over the mountains,
the last sun rays caress the clouds once more
before darkness falls

[2017 - Vendrogno, Lecco, Italy]


Waking up under a white veiled dawn

Stripped of his robe, but stately as ever,
its branches rise high above the river…

[2016 - River Maas near Nijmegen, The Netherlands]


Shivering trees in morning haze

[2016 - River Maas near Nijmegen, The Netherlands]



Artist statement

Daily life in the western world is overflowing with stimuli that continuously force our senses to the limit of their abilities. In my photographs I seek to capture the simplicity and tranquility of natural environments and to share my experience of nature's soul.
I paint with light. My camera is my brush. My work is often described by others as abstract, impressionist and painterly. My style is distinct and pure, characterized by coarse grain, overexposure, soft focus and the effects created by how I move my camera during the shot.
I work in nature where I immerse myself in the sights, colors and sounds of natural surroundings. I am a purist and choose to create the abstract and impressionist effects as seen in my photographs, using only camera settings. Photo software is used only to remove dust or to adjust brightness, contrast and cropping to improve my compositions.

I do not use digital editing tools or filters.
The titles of my photos are an important element of the entire work of art. In addition, I often write a short poem to a photo.


Jacob Berghoef is an autodidactic fine art photographer from the Netherlands, with extensive experience in analog photography, developing and printing in his own darkroom, as well as working with digital cameras.
In the past few years, after quitting his demanding job in facilities management and real estate, he focused on simple, natural living. This new way of living is reflected in his work; he is exploring the simpleness and the stillness of pure, natural environments with his camera.

He was born in the city of Gouda, Holland in 1959. He currently lives with my wife and dog in a small farm in the Thy region, northwestern Jutland, Denmark. The light and the special colors (Nordic) in this coastal area have inspired him to develop his current style. His photographs are exhibited all over the world and have been sold to collectors and art lovers in various countries.



2018 - online exhibition" One with nature ", Curator of this exhibition is Cynthia DuVal."                                                 2017 (in preparation) - Show online, curator of this exhibition is Cynthia DuVal."                                                            2017 (in preparation) - Online exhibition, curator of this exhibition is Cynthia DuVal.
2017 (July 1st-16th) - Group exhibition in Bellano, Italy.
Exhibition theme: ‘El Duende’. Curator of this exhibition was
Marcello Cazzaniga.
2017 - online group exhibition “Art in a model”, Curator of this exhibition is Cynthia DuVal Art in a model
2016 - Online Group Exhibition “The Muses”, an exhibition  about what inspires artists. Curator of this exhibition is
Cynthia Willett.
The river paintings of Monet, and especially the painting ”Seine near Giverny”, inspired him to make a series of high
ISO, grainy (non edited) photos on the banks of a river in the Netherlands. Jaap participated in this exhibition with his photo “A day once dawned and it was beautiful”.
The Muses
2016 - Online Group Exhibition of Experimental Video Shorts “mise–en–scènes". Curator of this exhibition is
Cynthia Willett.
For his contribution he chose a part of the lyrics of ‘Day is Done’ by Nick Drake. The 15 images he selected are abstract photos of sunsets.
All photos he used for this exhibition are made in the northwest of Denmark.
2016- Ongoing group exhibition in a gallery / art shop, Agger, Denmark. Abstract landscape and seascape photos, the photos are made in the northwest of Denmark.
2015-2017 - Solo exhibition, Leerdam, The Netherlands.
Photos of harps
In addition to his own website, Jacob’s work is also featured
on saatchiart.com and artmajeur.com

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Kobberøgårdvej 3, Kobberø  
7760 Hurup 

phone +31 (0) 641 678 588   


website  jacobberghoef-photography.com

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