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RiduciLe opere di JANINA LAXNESS


From other dimensions
oil on wood cm 106 x 128


oil on wood cm 45 x 45


oil on wood cm 50x 35

In red
oil on wood cm  40x 55c


oil on wood cm 45 x 80


Nikola Tesla
oil on wood cm 100 x 160


RiduciHis Biography
Janina Laxness      / artistic nickname/ ,  Iwona Janina Siwicka   was born in 1957.
She began to study painting and graphics at the Academy of Art in Gdansk in 1978 and graduated with a Master's Degree in 1982.
Her early paintings were influenced by sixteenth century Dutch masters , in particular Hieronymus Bosch and Peter Brueghel have always been the driving force in her search for perfection , not only in painting techniques but also in a  mystic world of demons and engels.
In her art she uses symbols and  expressive combination of  forms and colors in order to show human obssesions and secrets.
Like the other of her favorites , more contemporary artist Max Ernst a real surrealist , she is convinced that during a process of creating art, the creator's mind becomes a tool submitting creator's hyperconscious.
Her philosophy mixed with striking colours and almost an  obsession for a technical perfection makes  her savaging and scary , taking an observer to a different dimension.
Janina's paintings belong to established galleries and  private collection in Europa , Canada  and USA.

Individual exhibitions  1983 – 2016

Exhibitions of painting and drawing in Gallery of Jewish Social-Cultural Company in Poland  
Exhibition of painting - inspirations of literature of Isaak Bashevis Singer - National Jewish Theatre in Warsaw
Scenography projekt to performance Pantomine from Poland , Szczecin . Prize for scenography in Brno ,1985
Scenography projekt to performance in the Theatre of Szczecin , according to Ronald Duncan 1987 1989 –  2000  cooperation with Gallery Detursa in Madrid , Spain
1992               Airport Hotel  Gallery , Hamburg , Germany
1992               Museum Ostholstein , Eutin ,Germany

1994 - 98        Gallery Brevik , Kunstforening Trondheim ,Norge

1988 -2000     Gallery Pillango, GalleryR. Menczik, El Campo - Berlin ,Germany

                      Theater i Waldstet , Gallery Rudolf Judes ,Meiborssen – Tyskland

                      Gymnasium ,Esbjerk ,Danmark

2002               Design projects ''Wood & canvas''. London , England

2005 -2013      Oslo , Norway

                        Gallery H11- Hovik ,
                        Gallery  Upp, Gallery  Gardenia , Artsmed,
                        Hvervenbukta,  Gallery KHK, Gallery Underdog , Gallery View,
                        Gallery Steibrudet , Gallery Torgersen
                        Gallery Kierat , Stettin ,Poland

2013                 Gallery Hadeland, Rygge Kunstforening, Norway

      Collective exhibitions.

1983- 2015

                       Miniature Art Exhibitions Del Bello Gallery  ,Totonto ,Ontario ,Canada
                       Museum Ostholstein ,Germany
                       Statsbibliotek in Stettin – Buddhist painting, Poland
                       Gallery Bga Art , Oslo , Norway
                       Rådhus Gallery -''Connected '',  Oslo,   Norway
                       Synagogue White Stork – workshop and exhibition ''Yidish between
                       Norway and Poland”.
                       Holocaust Museum , polsk -norsk project , Oslo ,Norway

Participation in Second Annual International Miniatue Art , Holland 1988
Prize in Comeptition of Painting Festival , Stettin, Poland
Participation in international workshop and exhibitions ''Yidish far alle ”2015




Tjernslia 37   1481 Hagan      Norway

 mob.0047 93 988 428

 email   ivosi@interia.eu


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