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RiduciLe opere di JOËL EQUAGOO




Light Pyramide  Angel of peace       

 sculpture  plexiglass – metal – light
60 cm x 60 cm x 3.30 m





We are family
Object - four pieces - three iron figures
 with a crystal glass ball - signed
14 cm x 30 cm x 3,5 cm




bubbly life
natural stone, inox steel, water
   82 cm x 82 cm x 40 cm



Les Rencontres

stainless steel  cm 20 x 84 x 5




Lady in Black
Stone sculpture, all is handwork - hand signed on bottom of base - design and sculpture are original and one of a kind by
Height of sculpture: 135 cm high Width:
Bottom: 5.5 cm At the widest point: 24 cm Top: 16 cm

Stone base: 19.5 cm x 19.5 cm x 6 cm



Soup for all - no food waste  # 000004-1970
Excellent - Cutting Board, Bamboo Wood with Silver Spoon
 45 cm x 25 cm 1,5 cm

RiduciLa sua Biografia - His Biography
Bio Joël Equagoo is a professional Artist and Art Instructor, living and working in Switzerland for over 20 years as an artist. He has always been creating since childhood. He was born in an artist and enterpreneur family.

His art ranges from paintings, photography to landart and sculptures.

He works with materials from nature, such as stones, wood as also with other materials such as metal, steel, ceramics, and others. He has been producing art in different styles including abstract paintings, Contemporary Art, textured painting, minimalist art and modern paintings for many years now.

His work is exhibited on an on-going basis in several galleries in the USA, worldwide  and in many private collections.

Some of his original artwork can be viewed by appointment at his Atelier Gallery made-in-nature in Solothurn, Switzerland. Feel welcome and free to contact us :,


RiduciIl suo Curriculum

Joël Equagoo
Artist Designer at Art Gallery Made-in-nature Switzerland
Artist & Art Education ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte
Solothurn, Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland
Workshops : various projects in Solothurn, Switzerland, in Europe and
- Landart - Events in nature for children and adults.
- Music Workshops in schools ( cantonal )
- Musicals with children
- Landart Workshops with companies and their staff ( i.e. UBS, Credit Suisse,
International Airport Grenchen, … etc. )
- non - formal educator of young people at schools
• 2006 Project " Einsiedelei Verenaschlucht " , Kanton Solothurn,
"Jeder Stein hat seine Geschichte " by Joel Equagoo
• 2007 Ausstellung Hotel Ambassador Roten Turm, Solothurn, Schweiz
• 2007 Projekt Globo 21, Teil 1 , Mallorca, Spanien
• 2008 Projekt Workshop Hohenlinde, Solothurn, Schweiz
• 2008 Projekt Ausstellung Altersheim Wengistein, CH - Solothurn
• 2008 Projekt Ausstellung Cucina Arte, CH - Solothurn
• 2009 Projekt Ausstellung Tourismus Center Kanton Solothurn, CH -
• 2009 Projekt Event Papilliorama Gartencenter Wyss, CH - Zuchwil
• 2009 Projekt Landart 300 Schulkinder, Wildbach Schulhaus, CHSolothurn
• 2009 Landart Workshop Kuoni Reisen, Toskana, Italien
• 2010 Projekt Workshop , Stiftung Horizonte, Reformierte Kirche Solothurn
• 2010 - 2017 regularly various projects and workshops per year with kids
and adults and business firms
And I am internationally doing art projects ( 8 international exhibition per
year) at the same time.
• 2016-2017 international exhibition at , St Romain-auMt
• 2016-2017 international exhibition , Nerderland.
• 2017 international photo exhibition contest , England
• 2017 international exhibition at Gallerique , Chicago, IL 60654, USA
• 2017 Amsterdam International Art Fair, Netherlands
• 2017 instructor art garden academy, Gartenhaus Wyss, Switzerland
For further informations please see media post attached ( news, pictures, links
below )

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