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RiduciLe opere di LARISA IVANOVA - LARISA IVANOVA's artworks





настроение. 50 х 60




Вечер у моря

. Холст. Масло. 50 х 70. 2014







 Берега. МДФ,

смешанная техника. 1000 х  800








Натюрморт с кувшином

. Бумага, акрил. 53 х 74.







 Вечер в мастерской.

Бумага, акрил. 58 х 95





Бумага, акрил. 53 х 74. 2013


RiduciLa sua Biografia / her Biography

Born in Moscow.

Member of the International Association "Union of Designers", member of the Artists Union of Russia, member of the Professional Union of Artists, member of the "Art without borders", a member of the Union of Moscow Architects, a full member (academician) of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hannover, Germany).

Graduated from:

 In 1983 - Music School named after Sviridov for piano

 In 1988 - the Moscow Pedagogical College with a degree in primary school teacher with the right teaching of music and fine arts

 In 1998 - the Moscow Pedagogical University, Faculty of Philology

In 2006 - the Moscow State Lomonosov University. Department of Soil Science. Specialty "Landscaper"

In 2009 - the Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy). Department "Design of architectural environment."

"Figure" on the program of associate professor of the department "Design of architectural environment" Bochkareva

"Painting" on the author's program of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Professor of the Moscow State Art and Industry Academy named after Stroganov, a member of the Russian Union of Artists Gavin S.

In 2010 - he passed training in architectural office Fabre Speller Architectes (Paris, France)

2013 - Diploma of Creative Union of Artists of Russia for its contribution to the national art

2014 - Bronze medal of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia for its contribution to the national art

2015 - nominated for awarding the Order of public recognition "Honorary Citizen of Russia"

2015 - Certificate of Merit in the development of domestic design

2015 - State scholarship of the Ministry of Culture

2016 - Bronze medal "Art of Excellence Recognition.." In the category of Architectural Design

2016 - State scholarship of the Ministry of Culture

2016 - Diploma for the development of the Russian environmental design

2017 -  Received a medal from the Russian Academy of Arts "Dostoinoy"

RiduciEsposizioni / Exhibitions
Participation in exhibitions and competitions

2010 - The International Competition of works of designers and artists "Design D`Art". 1st place in the category "Interior design"

2012 - VHUTEMAS Gallery. Participant of the exhibition "Winter impromptu" with a series of graphic works

2012 - International Competition works of professional artists and designers
"Design +". 2nd place in the category "Environment Design"

2012 - International Festival "The harmony of the environment". 2nd place in the category "Art objects". Publication in the catalog

2013 - Participant of the exhibition "Winter impromptu" gallery VHUTEMAS with a series of graphs

2014 - Participant of the exhibition "Winter impromptu" gallery VHUTEMAS with a series of graphs

2014 - participant of the exhibition of paintings, drawings, sculptures and objects of decorative art "Secret" in the framework of the Department of Culture of Moscow "Night at the Museum" at the International Fund for Slavic Literature and Culture. Gallery "Ardena". 17 May - 18 June

2014 - Participation in the exhibition and publishing project "Arslonga-2014", held with the support of the Arts and the Ministry of Culture

2015 - participant of the International Exhibition "all the impressions of life ...". Painting, drawing, sculpture, artfoto, dpi. Non-profit partnership of artists and cultural workers "Art without borders". CDHA. 15 - January 25

2015 - participant of the exhibition "On the easel around the world." Of Arts (Central House of Art Workers). 17 - March 27

2015 - Russian Art Week / Russian Art Week. Member of the XVII International exhibition-competition of contemporary art in the category of Classical art. With the support of the World Foundation of Arts, the Moscow City Government, the TSHR. CHA. 11 - April 19
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