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RiduciLe opere di NONG ZHU - the NONG ZHU's artworks
Ink, Propylene paint, Paper 60X170


Ink, Propylene paint, Paper 60X170









Ink, Paper 135 x 68 cm

Ink, Paper, 135 x 68 cm

      Ink, Propylene paint, Paper 135 x 68 cm



Ink, Paper  85X51  cm


RiduciLa sua Biografia - Her Biography
 Zhu Nong, professional artist, female.

Born in Jiangsu Jiangyin 1958.

Graduated from Changshu Institution Technology College.

Studied in UK 1999.

Studied in France and Italy 2002.

Studied in Japan 2004.

Studied at Zhou Shaohua modern ink painting work shop of <China Art Weekly>

<Position> at Liu Haisu art stadium 2003.

<Zhu Nong’s oil painting> Jiangyin Art stadium 2009.

< Above me ---- Zhu Nong’s infinite consciousness> ink painting

<’Situation and Care’---- Amity’s Fifth Chinese Christian Art Exhibition> at Nanjing Art College Nov. 2015.

<Stifled! More than smog> at Beijing 798 Shuxia gallery , Tianjin Vanke Triple V gallery , Shijiazhuang Hebei art stadium 2015-2016.

<greetings Hangzhou, modern ink 4+1>, Hangzhou modern art gallery April 2016.

<Zhou Shaohua and students> at Xihu Hangzhou art stadium April 2016.
artist statement
Self-introduction of Zhu Nong an artist from China
I was born in a small town called Jangyin at the South bank of the Yangtsi River, famous of its traditional Chinese ink painting; Ni Yunlin is one of its best examples which had a huge influence on the later artists. Such as, the eight eccentrics of Yangzhou, Zhu Da, Zheng Banqiao, Jin Nong. They rebuked the feudal dynasties for its pedantry and obstinacy.
And I was grown up seeing these heretical styles of art.

Although I was amazed of those master pieces and always being interested in drawing, I really stared learning drawing at 18. I studied at Changshu Institution College, I worked as typographer, interior designer and advertisement designer. And I never stopped drawing since then. Start at my 40s I decided to travel around the world and explore museums and galleries. I spent 2years in UK, France, Italy and Spain.

My earlier works were oil paintings, I’ve also tried sculpture. Started at 2013 I began to use ink to express myself on paper. I found the random patterns that occurs on paper when ink drop on it were matching my ideal thinking. It’s exactly the stage of my expressions. I use this old language to describe the modern world I live in.    
Recently in my drawings, I try to separate the image with the real object, I put the image into a chaotic background, I reconstruct the image in a different reality on my paper.
I think as much as I draw, I try hard to think in different possible ways, I care about the world that I live in and people around. I respect artists who can offer their feelings to humanity, just like Goya and Francis Bacon always carrying pity for those who were suffering. I want to be an artist like this.


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