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RiduciLe opere di PAZ WIN - the PAZ WIN 's


Saint making machine

oil on wood cm 80 x 140



Before the begining

oil on canvas cm 76 x 76



oil on canvas cm 90 x 213




acrylic on canvas cm 40 x 50


Earthmother  dark

oil on canvas  cm 120x150




As am I

acrylic on canvas cm 90 x 120


RiduciArtist stantement

I believe that art is a way of bringing new ideas into the world. Whether it is art that expresses a mood or tells a story, it is a form of Communication. Since the human figure is the main tool we use to communicate with the world, it is the main focus of my art. My paintings are about contact with the outside world and the difference between self and environment. I do not conform to one school of painting and my influences include everything from Egon Schiele to Caravaggio and Durer. I combine expressive new styles with a respect and understanding of classical forms.

RiduciArtist Biography
        I am PAZ, a visual artist who lives and works in LA. I was was born in Israel and grew up in Los Angeles. From a very young age I always loved to draw which naturally led to the desire to learn how to paint. By age 12 I was creating original oil paintings. I was inspired at that young age by surreal and fantastical painters such as Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch. I took many different art classes throughout my teen years and through college, but the best classes I always found were the uninstructed workshops where you can paint from a model and learn light, color, expression, and anatomy without a teacher. I always had a style of my own and never enjoyed teachers telling me how to paint which led to my leaving art college after one year. At age 19 I began my art career. I started by doing local art festival
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