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RiduciLe opere di PEIPEI SHI - the PEIPEI SHI's artworks







oil on canvas 60 x 60





Light fom the past

print on paper  80cmX55cm




Print on paper







Print on paper





 Liberated Najing

Print on paper 180cmX70cm




Fioreworks II

oil on canvas 60cm x 60cm


RiduciSulla sua Arte - About his Art
Shi Peipei, male, Han, born in Nanjing in November 1978, has learned oil painting and print from his father Shi Banghe who is one of the professional artist of Nanjing Painting and Calligraphy Academy (abbr. NPCA) since childhood. He is the member of Jiangsu Artist Association, the artist of National Level 3 (middle rank professional title), specially employeed by NPCA. His art works were exbited in many countries and regions including France, Austria, Korea, Hongkong. During his ten-year teaching, more than 40 students get offers from Chinese famous art Academies such as Central Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts & Design of singhua University, China Academy of Art.

Education Background
1998~2002, attended in Nanjing University of The Arts, major in Painting,
          Bachelor Degree.
2002~2003, studied in Ecole de Conde, major in French and Painting.
2003~2006, attended in Ecole Emile Cohl, major in Painting, Master Degree.
2008~2010, further educated in Nanjing University of The Arts,major in Print, as teaching assistant.
2011~2015, employed as lecturer by Academy of Arts, Nanjing Sanjiang University, courses of Sketch and Color in Department of Design.

Honors and Awards

-Year 2008, the painting 'Sonata of Spring' selected by art and calligraphy Exhibition for 30th Anniversary of Jiangsu Reform and openning-up.
-Year 2008, the print 'PLA liberated Najing' selected by 11th National Fine Arts Exhibition, and awarded the excellent art works of Jiangsu.  
-Year 2009, the print 'PLA liberated Najing' collected by the Campaign of Crossing Changjiang River Memorial.
-Year 2010, selected by Jiangsu Art Museum as one of 'Nanjing TOP 10 artists'.
-Year 2011, the painting 'Sonata of Spring' selected by the 16th Exhibition of Nanjing•Taejon Painting & Calligraphy Exchange, exhibiting in Nanjing Art Museum.
-Year 2013, the print 'Symphony II' invited by GoodArt Maestro Print Exhibition 2013.
-Year 2014, the print 'Seine River' & 'Still Life II' invited by 3rd GoodArt Autumn Show and Auction.  
-Year 2015, the small print ' XuanWu Lakeside, UP the City Wall ' selected by the 3rd National Small Print & Ex-Libris Exhibition, which is the only one in Jiangsu province.
-Year 2016, the print 'PLA liberated Najing' awarded domination in the 1st Fine Arts Award of Jiangsu.
-Year 2017, the print 'Light From the Past ' selected by the International Print Biennial Lodz Poland.
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