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                                                              Puppet Palette
 Mix Media  91.4cm x 91.4cm



 Sold the impossible dream
  Mix Media  91.4cm x 91.4cm 





Face your fear
Mix media cm 91 x 91







Gridlok of life

Mix media cm 91 x 101,6


Playing With Fire
Mix Media 91.4cm x 91,4cm


The Only One
Mix Media 50.8cm x 60.8 cm




RiduciSulla sua Arte - About her Artworks

The Story of Penelope
Where Art is Breath
This is where life meets reality. As complex as her life's experience and as vibrant as her smile is Penelope's canvas, photography, and sculptural glass work. Twenty-five years creating 3D magnetic resonance imaging has lent sculptural depth to her canvas art.

Decades of compassionate patient care taught her the value of delicacy, especially in the dynamism of molten blown glass as a medium. And a lifetime of travel has provided her with a muse and a rich palette from which she continues to draw inspiration. 

She has experienced the Antarctica, several African countries, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska and many other countries. She even draws inspiration from her own backyard. Take a closer look; they are all represented in some way in her work. Penelope is forever learning.

She is always trying something new and exciting with her techniques. And because she never creates unless she is content and happy, Penelope's art is an open invitation.

An Invitation to: connect with bliss and go with her as she travels through time.

Breathe in and let her art live through your eyes.

Creativity Takes Courage
                   Henri Matisse



Phone Cell: 1 (425) 210-8921 



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