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The association Mega Art was born in 2007 from an artistic group with help from a very famous art gallery roman.                                                                                                                                          

Months after months the association accepted a very small select of the most interesting artist from different trends of art. The our approach gave us, in a shortly time, to have important collaboration with many art gallery in Italy.
During the years adhere many important person like art critic Dr. Marica Petti and historical art Dr Adelinda Allegretti.
Mega art collaborated with different art promoters like Pissarro Gallery, Gnosys Art of Cipro and Adelinda Allegretti Art Promoter and many collaboration also with Italian and ester associations, the must important is UIL of Rome and Lazio.
The agreement with the UIL of Lazio allows that all people associated with our group can be use all services that this confederal union can support (tax advise and that pension).
The deal was possible because the UIl of Lazio and Mega Art have the same intent that is protect the dignity of the artist work.
Cause the agreement with many web artist association can be give assistant for all people like participate to the national and international artist events, that don’t need cost or a cheap events, for this thing we made a service of newsletters were we advise our associated to all type of proposal we find on web, and also, we advise to avoid a web scams.
With the Uil of Lazio we made the first international art contest for Bruno Buozzi “1 Concorso Internazionale d’Arte Bruno Buozzi” were participate 81 artist from different country of the world.   
All artist works of the our associated have warranty certificate.
The first scope of our association is sponsor all our artist, to make this we often send email to national and international art gallery to propose our artist group.
Cause the agreement with our contracted art gallery we can make a personal exhibition for a discount price.
 The good quality of the our artist don’t get a problem from the gallery that is incentive   to sell our art.
In Mega Art can be get inside only by a invite or for a strict select from our commission that is compose from the artist Claudio Giulianelli and one art critical.
For who want propose to get inside on Mega Art should send some file of the recently works to this web email address: We can give for all our associated a discount of 20% in many artistic shop.
To get inside after a commission exam, like all association, should pay a cheap cost 40 euro for the association.






Mario Paisello






 Patrizia Biagini





Silvia Rossi




Janina Laxness







Paola Zannoni





Paolo Pellegrino





Henrik Saar







Manuelita Mori




Katiuscia Papaleo



Mauro Zucchi





The purpose of our association is to put together various artists who express themselves in very different way, but that have in common a pronounced  artistic value.
The final target of this website is to advertise the associated artist among  the countless art websites on the net by giving them the opportunity not only to display their work virtually, but also to access some real exhibitions.
Every associated artist is entitled to a personal web page which is structured as follows:
* 6 thumb nailed pictures
* The possibility to add or change the contain of the page in every moment.
* A biography
* A space where the artist can advertise exhibitions
* A space for possible art critics that the artist could have obtained through his/her career
* A space for his / her resume.

All the associated artist will get some discount and or particular selling condition and rates by some agreement with various fine art stores. The collaboration with several art galleries allows us to make opportunity to all the associated artist to access the Gallery for some exhibitions in the headquarter in Rome or in other Public or private places that could be made available by some organisations, at special reduced rates.
The Website contains also a bulletin board where all the associated artist can exchange information about exhibitions, art contest or other information.

How to join in:

In order to join  the MEGA ART Web Gallery Association, the artists have to by submit their works to the Commission (which will decide about the possibility to access the organisation) or in a very restricted number of cases there could be a  direct “call” from the association.
The works must be sent by attaching a jpeg file to It would be useful to transmit also the address of  a possible personal website or any other information that could be useful for the evaluation of the artist.
Periodically the Commission (which is formed by an artist, an art dealer and an art critic) will get together to check the works that have been submitted. The Artists which works will meet the MEGA ART frame of mind will be contacted by email.
The email will contain some forms that need to be filled and the bank details where a fee of € 40.00 must be paid (once a year, just to cover the website costs).
Once associated, the artist will receive a CARD that will prove his affiliation and it will give him/her the chance to access all the facilitation reserved to him/her.
MEGA ART will never get any percentage on the sale of the works since every transaction will be managed directly between the artist and the art collector.






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