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RiduciLe opere di YUSEN ZHENG - YUSEN ZHENG's artworks



 oil on canvas 76cm X 102cm







Paralympic Dance

paper watercolor 19cm X 26cm







Soft Memories
oil on canvas 50cm x 60cm




paper watercolor 24cm x 35cm






The night of the bus stop
oil on canvas  50cmx 70cm








paper watercolor 24cm x 35cm





RiduciLa sua Biografia - His Biography


Artist Yusen Zheng, born in 1973, from Sanming, Fujian province, China's small mountain village, now live in Xiamen, because the love of freedom to choose the painting, give up the college entrance examination, professional art school after graduation began long painting stray. Wandering during the period as a teacher, workers, run business, have done customs, trade, opened a gallery, a variety of life experience inspired me more longing for honey in the art of seeking life in good faith, which seems to scream in the cry, and life to give me existence. I live in a society like China's Yellow River water, put a bowl of water to precipitate a half bowl of silt, rather than a bowl of clear waters, this is in line with the party's ecology or political ecology? I wish I were a bloody artist.





2008 Xiamen Art Exhibition

2011 nanjing "Talent Hundred" exhibition

2013 self-organized xiamen "Grass Cluster" group exhibition

2014 participate in "Xiamen Tatsu" 30 Anniversary activities

2014 Xiamen 798 "cohesion" exhibition


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