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“I have a DREAM, I want to live in a BETTER WORLD, in a BEAUTIFUL WORLD”

this is the preface:

"In this historical period the Violence and the Barbary are now so present in our daily life that we no longer give it any weight, nor do we notice it, they are so present in our common way of life that often no longer arouse indignation or scandal ..

But I have A DREAM, I want to live in a BETTER WORLD, in a BEAUTIFUL WORLD.

With these very few lines we summarize the aspiration of every being to its own happiness that is, or should be, the purpose of every existence ....

We leave to the artists the great task and the burden of representing this immense and sublime feeling ... "

Opening day  7 april 2018

A digital pdf catalog will be created with photos of all the works

Printed posters and posters

A video will be filmed and the artists present will be interviewed (in English language), once the video is edited it will be run on social networks

Inaugural refreshment

The exhibition will be advertised in paper and online newspapers.

The evening will see the presence in addition to the personalities of the political world and culture of Corchiano, art critics and is expected to show the best students of the Jamco Academy

Interested artists can write to infomegaart@libero.it sending some photos of the most recent works produced. If the artist is selected, he will receive the registration form by email. Being associated with MEGA ART involves the payment of 40 euros per year. To participate in the Collective the selected artists will pay the sum of 20 euros partial reimbursement of organizational expenses for each work that you will be exhibiting.

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