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- "1st International Paris Photography Art Fair – La 4ème Image – Solo Exhibition:
"Drawing my Line" - Paris - FRANCE 2013
- "2nd International Paris Photography Art Fair" - La 4ème Image – Solo Exhibition: "In the Garden of God and the Devil" - Paris - FRANCE 2014
- "Celina Art Gallery" - « I Hold My Line » Solo Exhibition - LUXEMBOURG 2014
- "Galerie 44 Kléber" - Solo Exhibition - Paris - FRANCE 2015
- « Birdy Tg Restrospective» - Art Factory –Paris - FRANCE 2017
In 2015 : Birdy Tg has decided to stop all kind of Exhibition for 2 years to exclusively concentrate on his new books and new visual series (he just kept his retrospective show that was scheduled for a long time).


- “The Story of the Creative.” International Fine Art Exhibition - New York City Gallery and Long Island City Gallery - NYC - USA 2013
- "Herrmann Gallery" - Drachselsried - GERMANY 2013
- "Arte Fotografica" - Lisboa - PORTUGAL 2013
- "Angel Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art - Group Exhibition - NYC - USA 2013
- "1st International Paris Photography Art Fair – La 4ème Image Galerie Arts Factory - Paris - FRANCE 2013
- Celina Art Gallery - « Art Chi Textures » - Group exhibition - LUXEMBOURG 2014
- "2nd International Paris Photography Art Fair" - La 4ème Image – Galerie Arts Factory
- Paris - FRANCE 2014
- Galerie Arts Factory - "Les artistes de la Galerie" Paris - FRANCE 2014
- Soirée des Ambassadeurs - Exposition - Rueil Malmaison - FRANCE 2015
- « Exposure » by - Le Louvre Museum - Paris - FRANCE 2015
- Arts Factory Gallery - "Les Artistes de la Galerie" - Paris - FRANCE 2015
- « 3rd International Paris Photography Art Fair – La 4ème Image – Arts Factory Gallery -
Paris - FRANCE 2015
- “Domus”, Exhibition by Arts Factory – Paris - FRANCE December 2015
- “Domus”, Exhibition by Arts Factory – Paris - FRANCE March/June 2016
- Arte Fotografica Magazine N°58 – Front Cover and special personal 12 Pages Portfolio Lisboa – Portugal 2013
- « Drawing My Line » Birdy Tg Monograph - 212 pages monograph book – 2013
- Platform 58 Art Magazine N°73 – England 2014
- Platform 58 Art Magazine N°75 – England 2014
- Platform 58 Art Magazine N°77 – England 2014
- Platform 58 Art Magazine N°81 – England 2014
- Bayerische Welt : « Birdy Tg breaks all the Photography limits we used to know before… » - by Art Critic Hans Herrmann - July 13, 2014
- « I Hold My Line » Birdy Tg Monograph - 380 pages monograph book in 2 volumes –
2014 – Birdyland Editions

- Luxemburger Wort: Birdy Tg Solo Exhibition « I Hold My Line » by Art Critic Nathalie Becker ( « Birdy Tg : Real visual Poems » ) – November 26, 2014.
- « Exposure » - Artists Book - 2015
- "In the Garden of God and the Devil" – The Novel by Birdy Tg - Issue end 2016
- "In the Garden of God and the Devil" - Monograph - Birdy Tg: Photography, painting, sculpture. Issue 2016
- “Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues” – first of a 5 to 7 volumes Monograph on Birdy Tg by Corridor Elephant Editions. Volume 1: 250 pages book including Birdy Tg’s Literature and Visual Art (Photography, mixed media, Painting).

September 2017

Sulla sua Arte 

Photographer, painter, sculptor, author, composer and songwriter, Birdy Tg is a multimedia artist who especially enjoys to play with the interconnection, the permeability and the intercommunicability of his various art disciplines to serve his photography.

For him, nothing is definitively compartmentalized in Art. Birdy Tg wants to feel totally free inside of his artistic expression, with no genre limitation, and that’s why he prefers to speak about his Art of Visual Art better than Photography as he often gladly mixes painting, drawing and photography all together into his art. The German Art Critic, Hans Herrmann, writes about Birdy Tg in 2014:

“Birdy Tg pushes further and breaks for well all the Photography limits we used to know before… His Art is unique in the World !.”
“…Birdy Tg’s style is very unique and strong, escaping to all traditional classifications, far from what is usually given to see in the nowadays tidal wave of images.
Meanwhile, if a classification is needed, his photography could be described as Lyrical, Poetic, Oneiric, Allegorical and Romantic.
He, himself, always describes his photographs as Visual Poems and Dramas.
Whatever, we are in presence of a body of artwork, in no way coincidental, but extremely meticulous and thought, and which makes think.
Each of the smallest details, even the most hidden ones, provides yet more evidences to serve the underlying philosophical comment. Most of his artworks are stuffed of coded messages but also of a bunch of literature, painting, cinema, photography references and work as a true treasure hunt for those who want to go further…
There is for sure the prime impact of the skill then always the possibility to dive deeper in Birdy Tg’s endless world…
…Birdy Tg uses a lot of different photography techniques, drawing and paintings that he patiently mixes in very large format frescoes. Some of his most recent works include more than 800 photographs in a single artwork which required over several thousands hours to produce.
Those large photographic « collages » use the most recent techniques of post-production to create what he describes as « Virtual Realities »:
« I want the viewer to be in front of a scene, of course virtual, but, made of hundreds small realities all linked together, it finally soon appears as a whole true and authentic entity, telling the story I want to lead the viewer in.»
(Birdy Tg)
His photography often plays with a rich palette of dark tones and focused light in a very elegant way, his aesthetics being not without reminding the classic Japanese Art by the whole aestheticism but also for the rigour of the global construction of the artwork

With no contradiction, there is in Birdy Tg, all of the fiddly profusion and the creative genius madness of Hieronymus Boesch or Richard Dadd, but also all of the German Romanticism, inside his palette, the lights ripping out the obscurity, the characters facing the elements and their own fears, the strong print of Literature and Philosophy, of the Irrational and the Utopia… It’s certainly not an hazard if Joseph Anton Koch and Birdy Tg,
both, give worship to Dante Alighieri and his “Divine Comedy”, if Birdy Tg Pays homage to Eduard Biermannn with is work “Salvation”, if we feel so well the Caspar David Friedrich ‘s atmospheres in many works like “A Secret Universe” or “The Secret of Cloud Cities” … One can’t do otherwise than thinking about the “Oeuvre Totale” (“Total Magnum Opus”) concept so close to Philipp Oto Runge’s heart when Birdy Tg champions a visual art work which makes one and only one with his music, his writing, his painting, his sculpture in lauding: “Art is One and Indivisible. All is One and one is All” (Birdy Tg – 2014).
It’s also very interesting to notice furthermore than Birdy T’g’s work often refers to numerous German Artists as the expressionist Franz Von Stuck to whom Birdy Tg pays tribute in “Eine berlinische Nostalgie” (“Remember Berlin” Serie), or the Scpultors Rudolf Belling in “Drawing the Line” (“Time Flies” Serie) and Waldemar Grizmek for who he
devotes the “Ages of Life” full Serie.
Birdy Tg’s artistic expression is definitively modern and contemporary. I personally have the feeling that he could tackle any style, making it His Style, with verve thanks to his obvious wide artistic culture. This is precisely what I had the chance to confirm when I recently saw for the first time his new Serie: “In the Garden of God and the Devil” in which I discovered brand new art works in which he has mixed with success and no contradiction at all, so many different styles together as Baroque, Caricature, Surrealism, Minimal Art, in the most natural way.
There are this permanent ferment, this incessant renewal, this constant fresh air, this perpetual questioning, this endless risk-taking and meanwhile this undisputable style homogeneity. Everything hit the target, as it happens.
This is most surely what makes Birdy Tg’s style so unique…”
(Hans Herrmann – Art Critic – Germany 2014)
In 2013, after several solo and group exhibitions in France, Germany, Luxembourg and USA, he publishes his first photography book « Drawing my Line » including more than 200 of his photo works.
2014 is the year he decides to devote for making his ambitious project about the Dante Alighieri’s «Divine Comedy», a reality. It is obviously for him the opportunity to pay a glowing tribute to the Master of Italian literature but also to the wonderful French illustrator and painter Gustave Doré and, further, to the « Genius above all» fashion designer: Yves Saint Laurent.

From a very contemporary and innovative angle, Birdy Tg draws a daring but so real parallel between the « Inferno », the « Purgatory » and the « Paradise » and the Fashion World.
Beginning the Serie as a thriller, this is on an alternately caustic, bittersweet or tender chronicle that Birdy Tg expands with philosophical undertones this intriguing and wide serial of photographs called « In the Garden of God and the Devil »:
Young anonymous Fashionistas in search of a fulfilling societal identity, young Models in quest for recognition, fame and eternity but also well-known Fashion Creators of various destinies are staged under the characters of Dante, Virgil, Beatrice, St Bernard,
angels and demons, the Devil or God… “…Whoever they are, one day deified, the other crucified, fragile chimeras digested by inner demons,
shooting stars of artificial paradises, Whoever we are, forgotten orphans or fallen angels of fame, We are all gold fishes, turning adrift in the inexorable dark currents of limbo, trapped in the fish bowl of a pitiless media and business society of appearances and collusions, just able to dream about an unexpected walk of fame to Paradise before being definitively drawn down in Inferno…”
(Birdy Tg - 2014)
This serial of photographs successively combines a lot of photography technics and styles, from the most spontaneous ones like “street and journalism photography”, passing by the more elaborated and artificial “studio production” to end by large “photocomposition” lyrical, oneiric and allegorical frescoes of hundreds and hundreds of
photographs and work hours, (Birdy Tg’s special expertise field), by which he composes his visual poems echoed by his music and his words.
This has also been the opportunity to experiment and implement for the occasion a new 3D photographic technic Birdy Tg has patiently developed to make some of his photographs true three-dimensional sculptural images.
In 2014, Birdy also works in parallel:
- On the next instalments of the Serie he began in 2012: “Time Flies”, about the concomitance and simultaneity of Space-Times, of the Past, the Present, and the Future.
Birdy Tg reveals “Legacy Cells”, a new impressive very large artwork (280x120cm) including over 850 individual photographs.
Through this artwork he philosophically tackles the theme of transgenerational transmission of cultural and historical world heritage threatened by various societal and ecologist events:
“Considering the increasing deterioration of climatic conditions, the numerous negligence and major accidents caused by humans which are a final threat to the ecosystem and its inhabitants, some international scientists think to apply the “Panspermia” theory in shooting in space some human
genome fragments in the direction of other galaxies to preserve humankind in settling it on distant planets.
In the meantime, fragments of human culture have already been shoot in space like a bottle in the open sea.
Some Japanese scientists have recently suggested combining those two hypothetic techniques to insure eternity to the Japanese culture which several whole sectors are, every day, more and more threatened by the evolution of the Japanese society itself.

Japan, folded back on itself during centuries, succeeded in preserving its culture and its precious originality. Unfortunately, nowadays climatic events, but also technologic processes as well, with the dangers they generate by their mistakes, endanger the country, from the culture down to the family unit which was, for a while, until now, still adamantly protected.
“Legacy Cells” prefigures what could be, somewhat, this new space Noah’s Ark.
It would bring inside the very essence of what Japan is, its foundations, its moral and cultural values, its history through the centuries, from the samurais area until the atomic bomb disasters of Nagasaki and Hiroshima or the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. All the elements that built the Japanese society sacred link, each of the symbols of unity and uniqueness...”
(Birdy Tg -Legacy Cell 2014)
- On a new Serie called “Captive Souls”:
“Prisons don’t need to have thick walls and sturdy bars and locks to be effective. Psychological suffering can be even worst and its constitutive jail, for a while, only made of wall of papers…”
(Birdy Tg – 2014)
This “very design” photography Serie is based on an unusual work of textures and 3D geometrical patterns.
- On his “Buds of Life”, “In those Peaceful Moments”, “Market Square Heroes” and “Botany” Series that he will show for the first time at Celina Gallery – Luxemburg,
for his solo exhibition in November 2014.
“This is the way for me to keep in mind that I still am a true photographer…” he jokes. “A very simple shot has the same primordial importance to me that a complicated composition, as long as this one is able to express my emotions and/or to pass the message I want to express. By instance, into my visual serie “Market Square Heroes”, I want to tell how much I was impressed by those “everyday people” that I met on a Cambodian market who were, in fact, the most deserving people I had the chance to meet in 2013. I wanted to pay tribute to those wonderful people, glorious heroes of their every day life. My heroes! : Simple people with no kind of artifice, no kind of moral decline, no kind of trick, only relying on their own courage, their work, their loyalty, their deep respect in the other ones, their huge love for their family and country; Humble people with no money at all but giving, every day, the best of themselves for moving forward with their hard life ; beautiful people trying to extricate themselves of all the difficulties they inherit when they came to birth with nothing else than a beating heart. They own so little but are spontaneously ready to share it with you; How far have we gone from those fundamental human values! …” (Birdy Tg – 2014)
During his solo show at Celina Gallery – Luxemburg, Birdy Tg will show as well the very first artworks of a new visual serie called “Remember Berlin”. This visual serie is very important to him because it is closely related to the new novel of the same title, he has begun to write : A great 60 years epic about the tragic fate of a whole family, decimated, torn and scattered all through the world from Buenos Aires to Tokyo, passing by New York City, Paris, Moscow and, of course, Berlin, victim of the craziness of some political
officials who threw by fire and the sword the whole world into barbarism and inhumanity, within the only aim to satisfy their own lust for power. 2014 is also the second consecutive year he is one of the very few international photographers to be selected for the International Paris Photography Art Fair where he will show for the very first time his new Serie: “In the Garden of God and the Devil”.

The famous art critic, Nathalie Becker writes into the Luxemburger Wort (National Luxemburg newspaper) about Birdy Tg:
“True Visual Poems: Birdy Tg shows his very unique and powerful style at the Celina Gallery (see the whole press article: November 26, 2014) : “True visual poems, strong and unusual artworks, processed as freeze frames…; oneiric, baroque, surrealist frescoes… ; with an incredible luminist and metaphorical style, Birdy Tg establishes himself as a genius conjurer who leads the viewer into the story he wants to tell him..” (Nathalie Becker – 2014)
On October 28, 2014, his second book of Photography: “I Hold My Line”, 380 Pages in 2 volumes, is published.
“This book is for me the necessary statement of two full years of non-stop work” (Birdy Tg – 2014) For 2015, he announces he will carry on with his “In the Garden of God and the Devil” Serie and will issue in 2016 a new photography book totally dedicated to the whole Serie including a lot of his texts, novel extracts and poems, but also some surprises as, for instance, a whole part dedicated to the deciphering of the numerous codes used by Birdy Tg in his encoded artworks. Famous French writer, novelist and essayist, Vincent Laisney, is entitled to make the preface for this new book.
At the 3rd International Photography Paris Art Show, October 2015, Birdy Tg makes the public presentation of his most incredible artwork up to date: “Lux Ex Tenebris”, a true world record and technical achievement, is including over 2200 individual photographs, (250x120cm in native format, 300dpi, 16 bits, file over 50Go). Belonging again to the “In the Garden of God and the Devil” serie and descripting “the exit of the Hell and the arrival on the Purgatory beaches”, according to Dante Alighieri “Divine Comedy”, this is a tribute to the famous French Couture House GIVENCHY and his so talented designer, Mr Riccardo Tisci. It required over 2500 hours of constant work to Birdy Tg.
In front of “Lux Ex Tenebris”, the French Art Critic, Eric Vivier, who knows well about Birdy Tg’s art, states: “… Birdy Tg is undoubtedly the leader of the diegetic and lyrical conceptual art movement for Photography…” (Eric Vivier – 2015)
In 2016, Corridor Elephant Editions announce the edition house will issue a set of 7 monography books about Birdy Tg’s Visual Work and Literature over the next 5 years.
First volume: “Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues” will be issued by the end of 2017. It includes over 100 of his photographs and paintings and many extracts of his novels, poems and philosophical essays.
Regarding this major project and its importance to the artist, Birdy Tg decides he will decline all exhibitions for the 2 coming years (until November 2017) except a big retrospective show with “Arts Factory Gallery” from December 2016 to February 2017, scheduled since a long time.
By November 2017, Birdy Tg should also unveil several new artworks belonging to the new visual serie: “L’Opéra Fabuleux”.
Written by Sandrine Gulian – Author Biographer –France October 2016