Via Roma 29 b Corchiano  ITALY

"There is a new wind in the air"

 This is not just a slogan .. the ours is really a different Art Gallery because born of artists and for artists.
 The Mega Art Gallery is the  natural emanation of our association, it is found within the "Fondazione Corchiano Museo Naturale" - P.zza del
Bersagliere 2 Corchiano Vt ITALY.
 Our Association was founded in 2007 with the support of a well-known Roman art gallery.
Our goals have always been  those to give artists news on exhibitions and competitions at the level international that we have a low cost of participation (if not even at free level), collaboration agreements with galleries   art, museums, critics, curators and Italian and foreign promoters.
This information travels within our newsletter.
  Like any association even Mega  Art has an annual fee that is very low, 40 euros a year, called quota  has remained unchanged since the day of its constitution dating back to   far away 2007.
  What's more to the artists our Gallery of Art MEGA ART?

 1) Every artist associated with Mega Art has the right to    have a permanent work in the gallery. It means: that it will have exposed    his work between one exhibition and another, will have certified photography    who will portray his exhibited work and will have written permission to
 be able to publish on social networks and insert this into your own curriculum or within internet sites.

 2) Organization of themed group exhibitions e not, the participation fee will be 20 euros per work (partial  contribution to costs).

 The collective exhibition includes a catalog digital, posters, refreshment, filmed shooting of the event with interviews with artists, editing and creating a video, column sound and its massive diffusion in the network. ...)

3) Preparation of personnel; the fee is 500 euros (per    partial contribution to expenses) have a duration of 15 days and provide for the same services applied to collective exhibitions (digital catalog, manifest, refreshment, filmed shooting of the event, interview to the artist, editing and creation of a video and massive diffusion  Network).

 On request critical review and printing of leaflets or paper catalogs.
 Mega Art has a special agreement  of collaboration with Mail Box of Livorno that allows us to send the    our works in Italy and abroad at very low costs.
 In Mega Art you enter exclusively by invitation or by selection.
For those wishing to propose for a possible entry    in Mega Art he will have to send some files of his most recent works to   this e-mail address

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