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The Association was founded in the distant 2007 with the help of a prestigious Roman art gallery, the Tartaglia Art, it resided in what had been the study of the great informal painter PIERO TARTAGLIA, then transformed into that prestigious gallery that commonly exhibited the 20th century Italian masters. With the passing of time the nascent MEGA ART joined, over time, national and international artists who proposed their works on the web. Over time, other galleries and museums on the national territory and abroad began to collaborate with our Association. fundamental in this Association is the care in selecting its artists, giving extreme importance to the quality of their works. In 2017, we opened the gallery at the headquarters of the FCO - Corchiano Natural Monument - and in those venues we organized high-level exhibitions exhibiting works from almost all over the world. Citing one of the many exhibitions "The Great Chinese Art exhibits in Italy" where works by artists from different cities from China were also shown two meters wide .... From February 23, 2019 we moved to Via Roma 29 / b in via centrale di Corchiano, the nerve center of the town ... Our aim is to give talented artists the opportunity to offer their works in the gallery and on the web at minimal cost ... we like to say "There's in the 'air a new wind ". In the new gallery will also be organized painting courses, art contests, book presentations as it is in our intention to create a cultural center.