The Mega Art Gallery is the natural emanation of our Association, its new premises are in the central Via Roma 29 b Corchiano - Italy  a town of Tuscia between Rome and Viterbo.

 Like any Association, even Mega Art has an annual fee that is very low, 50 euros a year, with this we can offer many services to artists. What are these services offered?: 

1) a personal page on our portal and the possibility of inserting a video created by us relating to his artistic production, 

2) The artist who associates for the first time will have the right to exhibit his own work in free mode. 

3) Each artist associated with Mega Art has the right to have a permanent work of small format (maximum size 40 x 50) in the gallery with a certificate that attests.La permanence means: that will see exhibited in rotation his work in the gallery in the period that goes from one thematic exhibition to the other, he will have the certified photograph that will portray his work and our written authorization to publish on social networks etc. etc.

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4) Organization of group exhibitions in to our art gallery in Corchiano: the participation fee will be 30 euros per work (as a partial contribution to expenses). 

The collective exhibition includes a digital catalog, posters, refreshments, filmed footage of the event with interviews with the artists, editing and creating a video with the soundtrack and its inclusion in the main Social Networks. the fee is 600 euros (as a partial contribution to expenses) have a duration of 15 days and provides the same services applied to collective (digital catalog, posters, refreshments, filmed footage of the event with interviews with the artists, editing and creation of a video, insertion of the soundtrack and, once completed, insertion into the main Social Networks).

 For a fee and on request: critical review and printing of leaflets or paper catalogs. Mega Art has a special collaboration agreement with Mail Box of Livorno that allows us to send our works in Italy and abroad at very low costs. In Mega Art you enter exclusively by invitation or by selection.

 To the artists who wished to propose ourselves, please send some photos of their most recent works to the email address