ARIANNA COLA    - Italy -




All my paintings/drawings/watercolours are figurative with a psychological trait: through them I want to express hidden feelings and create a connection with the observers.
One of the main depicted themes is Solitude, represented in all its shades and “colours”

Another trademark of my works are eccentric hairstyles that are never only “decorative” because they are symbolic and aim at representing inner feelings and moods.
"In your paintings, hair is like an enviroment" as a chzech artist told me some years ago...

I do believe that Art has a fundamental role in our society and that Beauty is healing and “nurturing”. I do believe that Art should keep on “elevating” our souls as it has been doing for ages and it hasn't to be a never ending violent, often dismal, “punch in the stomach”.


My education was a degree in Architecture and a 2nd level Postgraduate Master Course in Exhibition Design at Politecnico in Milan, I worked in many architecture firms and I made many innovative design projects (accessories, objects, furniture...) but my true interest was to paint and make sculptures. In 2011 I resumed painting, attended some group painting classes and some ceramic technical classes, and since 2014 I have chosen to dedicate myself only to art: I paint and I make ceramic sculptures.