About her Art

Informal and abstract, seeks to increase the dynamic between artist and audience. Objective emotions and explores the dichotomy between different readings in search of spirituality.

Her painting is "restless" and the possible interpretation becomes manifold as in the work in which we can distinguish, perhaps, like human figures scratched on layers of color or abstract forms between colors… oil, watercolors and/or acrilycs. Her works never show the complete structure.
This results in the fact that the artist can easily imagine their own interpretation without being hindered by the reality. With a conceptual approach, turning to abstract, and often inspired by the sacred texts Bible, Kabbalah, to Nature, it creates intense and personal moments masterfully created by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and rejection, luring the viewer round and round. Her works directly respond to the surroundings and use the everyday experiences of the artist as a starting point. She is considered an abstract spiritual artistic mediator. Through color and abstraction her being Woman is reconnect with her soul, 'the Spiritual and the Divine.
Through the inspiration, recall the six colors, one for each sense, the nature element - inside and out cease and the Soul dance through the cosmos, rises and meets the Light and my Being Female Create. Barbara Reale artworks are avaible in the following gallery: – Artea ArtCo Art Gallery, Rome Italy The Barbara Reale art gallery and studio is in Rome Eur artist residency. On her website there is a calendar of her exhibitions in Italy and abroad.