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Awards received for his art

International Academy of Modern Art, where he was awarded the Gold Medal for his category.

1 The gift - Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm   xxxxxxxxjpg

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Sulla sua Arte 

For Henrik Saar came art as a vocation

From an interview with Henrik Saar
by the Philosopher, Henrik Rude Hvid:
- Henrik Saar packed after a dream his things together, and told his girlfriend, that he had to leave her.At dawn on the day it was clear to Henrik Saar, that he wanted to realize a life as an artist. That he through the significance of the dream had gotten a call, he was not in doubt.
We sit in the Danish artist Henrik Saar `s studio in Fredericia on a Wednesday night in April.
He tells how this artists call changed his life completely. Evening sun's last rays fall on the many beautiful paintings, and through the patio door that is ajar, hear the birds singing outside.
The call comes in a dream: Henrik Saar was studying to become a teacher at the Toender Statsseminarium in 1989, when he in a dream gets called to be an artist. He had previously been given a set of oil paints for his 22 years of birthday. The identification was in the painting changed him completely.
” I woke up one morning and said to the girl, who I lived with: "That she could be the perfect woman for everyone else than me - because I was this strange man who felt a special need to follow the energy that drives me as an inner necessity - so I will leave you now - " And I did so,” says Henrik Saar .
Henrik Saar

He took all his stuff and moved . At the same time he left the studies at Toender Statsseminarium. However, five years later he returned to his studies, and in 1999 qualified teacher specializing in art, religion, and education of adults.
”From the day I left her I was an artist, and have never since doubted my sincerity” he stresses.
” Right there it appeared in real life: The revelation that led me to become the artist, that I have been ever since”
The hardest part is to land:
For Henrik Saar it has been a necessary mission in Freudian sense to find itself so as to reach ”the self ,” which appears to contain the puzzle to the energy that drives him forward. studies in psychology, philosophy, theology and classical literature has been necessary tools along the way. ”Formation is important for all art," says Henrik Saar.”It has been a healing process to unify life and art with each other, but also hard work in the alchemical sense, process-oriented and driven by the impact ” he says. ”I believe that you are, what you do and you do what you are. It is my mantra, and from there I work without compromise," says Henrik Saar. You sense the existential journey and inspired by Soren Kierkegaard in the paintings of the first period that includes figurative descriptions of doubt, as in the words of Kierkegaard associated with jumping into 70,000 fathoms deep - and is the driving force of Henrik's life.
He is now in his middle forties and in the process of writing a book about life with his artistic expression and the media that simultaneously tells him everything he has not verbalized and tells him wherever he goes. "The big mental challenge is always to maintain the connection between the soul and vision throughout the process, since I'm on the verbal level, always behind, and thus do not understand my own picture completely" he says. "Nothing is as easy as flying in the processes. The hardest part is to land a finished product," says Henrik Saar as he looks out to the garden and rolls a cigarette.


Most important exhibitions:

2003: Solo ehhibition: Henrik Saar retrospective 59 artworks Centro Cultural De La Academia de Bellas Artes,
Lima Peru
2007: Palm Art Award, Leipzig, Germany
2010: World Art Expo, Las Vegas, USA
2011: The ANIMA AWARD EXPO, Fredericia, Denmark
2012: The Autumn Exhibition, ”KE” for selected artists, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015: New York Art Expo - Rising Artist on SOLO, USA
2015: Contract with Gallery Artifact, Manhattan, New York, USA
2015: The 10th. International Biennale of Florence, Italy Henrik Saar


2010: World Art Foundation Award Winner of the World Art Expo 2010 in Las Vegas
2015: International prize Michelangelo Artists at the jubilee, Ceremony in the Palazzo Cardinal Cesi in Rome.
Curated by Francesco Saverio & Salvatore Russo
2015: Artists at the Castle Ceremony at the Castello Orsini di Nerola, Rome
Curated by Francesco Saverio & Salvatore Russo


1994: The Municipality of Fredericia, Denmark: ”One year running scholarship”
2014: The Danish embassy i Rome: financial allocation to realize my participation in the
International Biennale in Florence 2015 Symposiums and Conferences in Germany:
2008: Symposium with German artist in the closed Paper-Factory. Hohenofen, Potsdam, Berlin
2009: Symposium with German artist in the closed Paper-Factory. Hohenofen, Potsdam, Berlin
2009: Conference at the Nordic Embassies Felleshus in Berlin: Theme: Viable architecture and pre-opening of
Danish Architects exhibition to the environment-conference in Copenhagen 09
2009: Gala party at the Nordic Embassies Felleshus in Berlin: For active Danish artists in Berlin
Henrik Saar - Art space:
2014: Permanent Exhibition of 50 oil-paintings in my studio. open for audience by appointment.
Henrik Saar / Visual art:
2015 - the 24. of february: Foundation of my company, which I called: Henrik Saar / Visual art. My professional platform - Changed February 2016 to simply: ”HENRIK SAAR” Further exhibitions:
1993: Ordrupgaard, Ballerup Art-Association, Ballerup, Denmark.
1994: Gallery Rugholm, Fredericia, Denmark.
1994: Gallery Asbæk/Stærk, Horsens, Denmark.
1997: Gallery Esfelt, Horsens, Denmark
1997: Gallery Fillip, Horsens, Denmark
1998: Exhibition of paintings, poetry and music on the bridge of the beach in Fredericia, Dk theme: "the self, the others and Nothing" Together with the music-composer, Amanj Zarafian.
1998: Making a dancing picture in a classic concert for children, Fredericia theatre, Denmark. Theme: ”Master Jacob” Together with the Kurdish music-composer, Amanj Zarafian.
1999: Det Brunske pakhus, Fredericia. “The voice in the dark” Inhabitation, poetry and music. Together with Amanj Zarafian.
1999: Artscool and exh. with children in the Art-Museum Trapholt, Dk
2004: Exhibition in the Art-Association, Filosofgangen, Odense, Dk. “Out of time” Together with Hans Christian Hauge Rasmussen.
2004: Solo exhibition in Gallery Esfelt, Horsens, Denmark.
2004: Solo exhibition in Gallery Fillip, Horsens, Denmark.
2005: Group-exhibition in Centre of Culture INC, Piura, Peru.
With the Association De Artes plasticas “Felipe Cossio Del Pomar”
2006: Solo exhibition in Gallery Nordstjernen, Fredericia, Denmark.
2007: Group - Christmas-exhibition in BMB Gallery, Copenhagen, Dk
2007: Performance in The Meeting-place for Christians Together with the music-composer Amanj Zarafian
2008: Group exhibition in "Das Kunstwerk” , Potsdam, Berlin, Germany. Together with the artist-collective ”Lumpenhaus"
2008: Solo exhibition in Gallery Bastillen, Copenhagen, Denmark
2009: Solo exhibition in Gallery ”The Danish art-café”, Berlin, Germany
2010: World Art Expo, Las Vegas, USA
2011: Solo exhibition in "DANSKE BANK", Fredericia, Denmark
2012: KE 2012, The Artists` Autumn Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014: Artists in Fredericia - Group exhibition


2007: Member of Art Domain, Leipzig - Germany
2007: Member of "Who is Who in visual art vol. 2008 - 2009:
2007: Member of Berlin-out, The Danish Ministry of Culture. - Ger.
2009: Member of L`opera Celeste - Art-Stars - Italy
2010: Member of Art Review GB
2010: Member of Artist`s Alley juried artist association, San Francisco, USA
2010: Member of World Art Foundation by Jojo Marengo
2010: Member of Fine Art Management Agency (FAMA)
2009: Member of 101 Danish Artists by Tom Joergensen
2011: Founder and Director of the ANIMA/ApS
2011: Member of MEGA ART, Italy
2010: Member of "International contemporary masters 2011
2012: Member of KE - Danish artists foundation
2015: Member of ART UpClOSE, Gallery Artifact, New York
2015: The Best 2015 Modern and contemporary Artists by Francesco. & Salvatore Russo
2016: Associazione Culturale “ Amici del Quadrato di Milano, Italy

My teachers:

1981 - 88: Horst Saar: Architecture, drawing, reproduction and graphic, Denmark.
1985 - 87: Svend Riis: Drawing, Fredericia, Denmark.
1988 – 90: Teachers` College, Toender, Denmark.
1988 - 90: Erik Guldager: Painting, drawing, graphics, Toender DK
1991 - 95: Håkaan Nystrøm: Painting, Copenhagen, Denmark
1990 - 01: Poul Skovbo: Materials and chemicals in painting, DK
1995 - 99: Teachers` College, CVU in Haderslev, Denmark.
1995 - 99: Birgitte Baekgaard: Religion and philosophy, DK.
1995 - 99: Leif Kath: Graphic, drawing and ceramic, DK.
1995 : The Academy of Fine Arts: Painting, Lima, Peru
1998 : The Academy of Fine Arts: Painting Lima, Peru.
2003 : I gave lessons in the Academy of Fine Arts in Lima, Peru and worked in my studio right beneath to the
Art school.

Works sold to public institutions:

Ballerup Art-Association: "Standing position", painting.
Carlsberg / Tuborg Brewery: "My father", The drawing.
"The Stone mason", drawing.
”The apple, Painting.”
Horsens Folkeblad : "My Peruvian wife", painting.
Henrik Saar donated this painting:
”The Municipality”
Oil on canvas 73 x60 cm.
"Gathering Artists of Europe"
June 2011:
EXPO in Budapest, Hungary.
Charity exhibition: event.php
Henrik Saar donated this painting:
A little boy with a rosary Oil on canvas 73 x 60 cm.