JEFF ROLAND   - Francia 





 La sua Biografia 

Born in France in 1969, Jeff Roland is a prominent Neo Outsider artist, having also co-created the movement. Jeff creates bold, colourful personal pieces, which reflect a constant desire to explore the human psyche.

"Life is a dream and Art makes it a reality. Art is a vehicle for human evolution, which acts as a gateway between what was and what will be, bringing the ancestral fears and conquests to the surface of the minds of this digital age. My paintings are the interconnected pieces of a poem, woven with the yarn of our human experience. They tell the tale of who we are. I believe a deep intuitive understanding results and our dreams come through. We have to live in a chaotic world, when we all in fact, thrive in harmony. My paintings demonstrate that harmony pre-exists within the chaos itself."

His work is highly sought by collectors and features in a vast number of private collections within France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, the USA, Canada & the UK.

He also has artwork in the collections of the Museum of Everything- UK, The Davis Museum- Spain, The Outsider Festival Museum- Australia & The Museum of Drawing- Macedonia.                                    


Una selezione delle piĆ¹ importanti mostre 

Art Primitive Gallery, Sarzana, Italy 2018

Art Outside All Boxes, London,UK 2017

Biz'Art Festival ,Han sur Hesse ,Belgium 2017

One Bare Foot Square, ChiangMai, Thailand 2017

La Cour des Artistes ,Liverdun, France 2016
Shakespeare exhibition, Oxford Museum, 2016

Amsterdam Outsider Art Gallery in the Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2016