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Critical Review editor

Dr. contemporary art in History
Graduated c / o University of Milan

An artist who transfers to the user a pleasant feeling, but in reality if you look more expertise seems almost hide behind endless studies, experiments and gifts of the past, without wanting to give way to reflect the true pictorial flair.
This shows us the artist Livio Lopedote.
If most of its work reverberations are mindful seasons impressionistiche sometimes divisionistiche for that sudden splitting of colors and flow of matter in recent works like "Equilibria" almost prey to sharp emotions in a marriage between outcomes dell'impeto futuristic and signs like Fontana painter.
This is not to make pure criticism intentions , but instead is a warning to look to his art, but perhaps from a more personal, more original outcrops already persistent cycle Movements Magmatici: where all that has been learned in Over the years, here is transformed, evolved towards a new knowledge.
But understanding that is inherent to the selftouch Livio Lopedote a constant search to be, then why not aim towards outcomes already so sublimemente addressed in Painting "Marina": giving new thicknesses and ravines its Venice.

Milan, 27.10.2006

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Critical Review editor

Fine Artist with Master in F. A., Gallery Owner

A wonderful painting; a hallmark piece for people who appreciate fine brushwork, an artist's impression & interpretation of nature and sensitivity which arrives in the activity of painting. A viewer can enter this image time after time and find a new adventure, a new resting place as the eye dances across its reflection. A painting that painters, more than most, can take lesson from.

New York, 03/01/2008
Charles Peck (painter)
Punta Gorda, FI - USA
This one is my favorite so far. It has a visual strengh as well as many subtle interactions that bespeak a full emotional range and even beyond mere human mentation or at least the larger mind of man at work.


His Biography


LIVIO LOPEDOTE was born in Trieste on Aug. 24th, 1951, during the times when Italy was under the Allied Liberation Government. It was a free town, like the spirit of the artist, whose imagination and especially dreams never did leave him. However, Venice is definitely his fatherland, since it is on those islands where he consolidated his culture and profession, a golden atmosphere where he as an artist found new colours, and where he now lives and works.
Especially since his family was rather poor, he had little choice but to take on a career in administration, in spite of his artistic nature and creative aspirations. Nevertheless, in 1974, after finishing his military service, he was commissioned to create an oil painting of the infantry emblem (measuring 3 by 2 m), which still proudly stands before the Matter barracks of Mestre. Now, it was his strong will, which in certain situations looks more like hard headedness, that allowed him to reach a rather handsome social and economic level, involved with important companies for which he carries out the profession of financial and administrative manager. Strangely enough, he was able to successfully apply his creativity in a very specific sector that just happens to be full of rules. After having received a degree in analyst accounting in Venice, he enrolled in the renowned Ca' Foscari University of Business Management, where he graduated with a specialization in micro-economical problem solving.
His everyday professional commitments, along with the need to update his professional knowledge, seem to usurp most of his time, leaving little room for his real passion, which is painting. However, during the weekends and especially during holiday travels, he does get a chance to create on canvas.
That is why, after having developed his oil painting mostly during the period between 1970 and 1989, for purposes of practicality, he went to watercolours and coloured pencil on paper. Of course they are easier to carry around, making it easier to get the job done. Regardless, he always has his notebooks, pads and all kinds of paper instruments, allowing him to bring out his impressions of landscapes, and transfer delicate colours and depth of field. Whenever possible he visits museums and art exhibits, whereby he prefers modern art to classical expression. Only rarely has he personally presented his works to the public, since all his shows were collective endeavours: including the 1974 Galleria San Marco of Mestre, the 2004 Marghera Award, the 2005 Quotamare Competition on the Lido of Venice, and finally the 2005 "A Le Colonete" in Venice. He has developed his artistic means strictly on his own, as he attempts to understand the particular technique that others use in their works, to then apply such techniques to his own paintings. Since the beginning of 2005 he has been breaking away from all the others, to develop his own very unique approach to expression in painting. Here the path is pleasurable but also difficult, since he is aware of the need to break away from his previous technical knowledge, and start playing with colors, something which has always fascinated him, to then arrive at the essence of things, or, to enter into things. He is not a show off when he intends to present a great deal, hoping only for his soul to open up freely, without cultural ties and preestablished concepts of art. In this manner his imagination can consolidate in a new and original type of pictorial expression. He obtains his inspiration from american Action Painting (Pollok, De Kooning) and italian informal art (Afro, Vedova, Santomaso and Dova



1974 – Galleria San Marco di Mestre (VE) – Mostra collettiva
2004 – Premio Marghera (VE) – Mostra collettiva
2005 – Concorso Quotamare del Lido di Venezia – Concorso estemporaneo
2005 – A Le Colonete di Venezia – Mostra collettiva
2005 – Galleria d’Arte S. Vidal di Venezia – Mostra collettiva del miniquadro
2005 – Ristorante Canaletto di Venezia – Mostra personale “Tra sogno e realtà”
2006 – Ristorante La Valigia di Venezia – Mostra personale “Movimenti Magmatici”
2006 – Wine Bar Il Cavatappi di Venezia – Mostra personale “Impressioni”
2006 – Bar Caffetteria Le Cafè di Venezia
2006 – Mostra personale “Movimenti magmatici” al Ristorante La Valigia di Venezia
2006 – Mostra personale “Impressioni” al Wine Bar Il Cavatappi di Venezia
2006 – Mostra personale “Movimenti di Materia” al Bar Caffetteria Le Cafè di Venezia
2006 – Concorso Nazionale XXII Premio di Pittura Agazzi
2006 – Concorso Nazionale Bassano-Mastro Ave
2006 – Concorso Nazionale di Pove del Grappa (VI)
2006 – Concorso Premio Bellini
2006 – XXII° Premio Marghera (VE)
2006 – Mostra personale “Movimenti magmatici” al Centro CZ 95 della Giudecca (VE)
2006 – Concorso nel web con 4 opere a Nizza (F)
2006 – Premio Internazionale d’arte “Un Menù per la Colomba” a Venezia
2006 – 11° Concorso Nazionale Arte Contemporanea abbinato a 7° Premio Saturarte
2006 – 2° Premio Pittura Movimento nelle Segrete di Bocca – Milano
2006 – Mostra personale “Movimenti di Materia” al Ristorante Nablus di Gardone Riviera (BS)
2006 – Concorso Internazionale 18x24 Città di Jesolo (VE)
2006 – Mostra collettiva a Le Colonette di Venezia
2006 – Concorso estemporaneo di Pittura “Vele e colori di Barcola” – Trieste
2006 – I° Premio Internazionale di Pittura Arte Laguna a Mogliano Veneto (TV)
2006 – 6° Premio Nazionale di Pittura G:Gambino a Preganziol (TV)
2006 – Mostra personale “Venezia e la sua Laguna” al Ristorante Cantina Canaletto a Venezia
2006 – Mostra personale “Venezia e la sua Laguna” al BarNovo a Venezia
2006 – Partecipazione a varie iniziative nazionali ed internazionali di Mail-Art
2007 – Concorso Nazionale di Pittura Premio Agazzi
2007 – Mostra collettiva al XXIII Concorso Nazionale di Pittura Biennale d’Arte di Soliera (MO)
2007 – Mostra collettiva presso la Galleria Crispi di Roma “Paesaggi Interiori”
2007 – 11° Concorso Internazionale Art Gallery 2 d’Arte Contemporanea a Sistiana (TS)
2007 – Mostra collettiva presso la Galleria Sekanina di Ferrara “I colori dell’acqua”
2007 – Concorso Mostra d’arte contemporanea “Impressioni d’Oriente” a Genova
2007 – II° Premio Internazionale di Pittura Arte Laguna in Treviso
2007 – VI Concorso di Pittura Trofeo G.B.Moroni a Bergamo “L’acqua, le sue forme ed i suoi colori”
2008 – Premio del Conseil Gènèral de l’Indre (Jura – 39) Chateauroux (F)
2008 – Mostra personale di Pittura alla Galerie 5mn d’Arret a Chateauroux (F)
2008 – Premio Nazionale di Pittura Piero della Valentina a Cordignano (TV)
2008 – Mostra Personale al Forte di Carpenedo (VE) “Paesaggi & fantasie al Forte”

2009 – I° Concorso Bruno Buozzi – Roma
2009 - Mostra collettiva del Centro Artistico Piranesi – Cà da Noal a Treviso
2009 – Mostra collettiva del Centro Artistico Piranesi – San Vendemiano
2010 - Mostra collettiva del Centro Artistico Piranesi al Brolo di Mogliano Veneto
2010 – Concorso Internazionale Estemporaneo di Pittura a Podresca (UD) VI Edizione
2010 – Mostra Personale “Intime emozioni” Ristorante Villa Tre Panoce di Conegliano Veneto (TV)
2010 – Concorso Pittorico a tema “Storie di Cavalieri, viandanti e pellegrini dal medio evo ad oggi in terra
          d’Europa” Borgo di Mastri-Feletto (TO)
2010 – Mostra Personale “La forza delle emozioni” Hotel Villa Condulmer di Mogliano Veneto (TV)
2010 – Mostra Personale “Forme & colori” Hotel La Meridiana di Mogliano Veneto (TV)
2010 – Concorso di Pittura “Il risveglio dell’arte” – Limena (PD)
2010 – Concorso di Pittura Estemporanea XXII Pittori in Contrada a Conegliano Veneto (TV)
2010 – Mostra-Concorso Arte in Opera organizzato da Ass. Nausica Opera International a Varano Melegari
2011 – Concorso di Pittura “2011: 150 anni dell’Unità d’Italia” – Galleria Roma di Siracusa
2011 – Mostra Collettiva “Il senso del Gusto” in Galleria degli Zingari – Roma
2011 – Mostra collettiva del Centro Artistico Piranesi – Casa dei Mezzadri a Paderno di Ponzano Veneto (TV)
2011 – 17th International Exhibition of Visual Arts of Vendas Novas (Portugal)
2011 – Rassegna di Arte Contemporanea Ca’ dei Carraresi – Treviso (presente con 4 opere)
2011 – Mostra collettiva del Centro Artistico Piranesi – Villa Orsini a Scorzè (VE)
2011 – Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea “Triennale di Roma 2011” nel Complesso Monumentale nel Museo
          l’Agostiniana in Piazza del Popolo – Roma
2011 – Mostra collettiva d’Arte Contemporanea all’Epireo Art Gallery di Roma
2011 – Mostra collettiva “Noi degli anni ’10-preview” alla Galleria d’Arte Collezione Saman – Via Giulia Roma
2011 – Mostra mini-personale “Sottosopra” Galleria Studio Iroko di Milano (presente con 6 opere)

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