* Stella Chaviaropoulou isa greek artist, and an "expressive artist through colors & verses" which also meets the artistic name: "Stella CaviART".
* She was born in Istanbul,Turkey, in 1959, grew up in Thessaloniki- Greece and studied in Cal, USA, and has been organizing exhibitions FOR THE FRIENDSHIP AMONG PEOPLE, beginning initially between Greek and Turkish artists, and since 2010 also in Europe, USA, China..
* She has been painting since she was a child. She attends European Art History, design courses and Iconography techniques as well as in the USA, where although she is receiving a Family Scholarship by famous family/Dynasty of J. F. Kennedy, she does not complete her studies for family reasons by returning to Greece. That is why, despite her attendance, she considers herself a self-taught painter. She studied and worked for 25 years at Public Kindergartens, and also as Assistant of the Pedagogical Department at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, always painting and "writing poems", at the same time.
* She paints artworks always by creating a theme, especially in the last few years she has been preparing a great project about LIFE in all its forms. She writes lyrics from her teenage years, whom she puts on the canvas, worshiping COLOR. She is inspired by the Mediterranean region and the Old Greek mythology - the literature (poetry) and people, especially the woman's existence and LIFE itself. Her work is often HUMANCENTRIC and SYMBOLIC - Dreamy SURREALISTIC.
* She has organized 70 solo exhibitions in Greece but has participated in more than 120 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad (USA, Spain, Albania, China, Turkey, Austria, France).
* Her works are found in Greece and Turkey Galleries, as well as in the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, Municipality Halls, as in many private collections. She has collaborated with Galleries in Europe (Spain, Netherlands) and has been a permanent collaborator of Santorini Island, Greece, Athens and Thessaloniki galleries. She has been hosted for her work on local channels and the press.
* Has taught individually and collectively to volunteers in institutions and public schools of her Country, to children and adults.
Since 2010 she has been representing our Country Abroad, in an artistic CONVENTION OF CULTURE OF POETRY SYMPOZIOUMS & LIVE PAINTING, as an official guest. She was a lecturer at the Chamber of Commerce of Lefkada Island,Greece for Artistic Tourism. She creates opportunities for BETWEEN GREEK - DIABALKAN - INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS in Greece and Turkey, where it organizes its own participations and the transition of artists and tourists. She speaks English and Turkish and holds a Bachelor's Degree, Theologian, Private Secretary and Teaching.
She is a member of Art Labs, and several online groups and artistic clubs.
She is Co-founder of the Non-Profit Cultural Organization, GREEK ART UNION.
She is an active member of Club for UNESCO Art Literature & Sciences of Greece.
She is a mother of two girls, lives and works permanently in Thessaloniki city, Greece/Hellas.
Her Moto of life: "Per aspera ad 'astra- Through the difficulties in the stars"