About her Art

She was born in Rome and she never left it.


Thanks to the strong inclination to create and blend colors and new shapes, she starts to experience differents painting techniques. Using curiosity and imagination she finally find her own style.


During the 2001 starts to be in touch with Luigia Cammarota, a classical formation artist. Cammarota introduces her to the Oil Painting.


She continuos her studies at Claudio Spada’s Lab. Here, attending to the Master of arts, she starts to know and practice the material base, dreary use and the watercolor tecnicque too.


She prefers the figuratives arts, according to that, she choose to paint familiar places and the most loved cities.



She exihibits since many years both in group and personal exhibitions, in her own town and around the world.

She has been invited to the “100 pittori di via Margutta” and the Galleria Vittoria, in Rome.

With the same art organization partecipates to the “West Lake Fair” In Hangzou, China.

Beside “Alternativa 94” she exihibte in a group exposition in Trilussa Square, in Rome.

She earns the second Prize at “Rospoigliosi Art Prize” - Zagarolo (Rome).

She has been invited to the “Fragolina d'Oro” at Scuderie di Palazzo Ruspoli in Nemi (Rome).


Last Arts Shows:


v June 2016: “100 pittori di via Margutta” – Rome (Group exhibition)

v October 2016: Circolo “Lorenzo Viani” - Rome (Group exhibition)

v November 2016: “Approdo alla Lettura” – Rome (Personal exhibition)

v October 2017: “Galleria Vittoria” in via Margutta - Rome (Personal exhibition)

v November 2017: “Galleria Arte Degas” - Rome (Personal exhibition)

v January 2018:” Galleria Arteka 32” - Rome (Group exhibition)

v August 2018: to San Michele Arcangelo’s Church - Sassoferrato (Ancona) (Personal exhibition)

v August 2018: at Pergola’s Palace (Pesaro-Urbino) (Personal exhibition)

v November 2018: at “Macro” with “100 pittori di via Margutta” - Rome. (Group exhibition)

v December 2018: “100 pittori di via Margutta” - Rome (Group exhibition)

v April 2019: “Galleria Piazza del Popolo” - Rome (Group exhibition)

v May 2019: “Galleria Das Fenster – die Kleinste Galerie Munchens”- Monaco di Baviera (Group exhibition)

v June 2019 “i 100 pittori di via Margutta” - Rome (Group exhibition)

v August 2019 Chiesa San Giuseppe’s Church Sassoferrato (Ancona) (Personal exhibition)