CALOGERO SALEMI was born in Racalmuto (AG) in 1966. 

Self-taught, who has always been passionate about art, he devoted himself to painting and sculpture, obtaining various critical acclaim over the years. 

At a very young age he began with drawings and works made with tempera, pastels and ink, then it was the turn of oil on canvas and the first sculptures in wood and stone. 

At the age of twenty one he held his first solo show at the Racalmuto Municipal Palace. 

He spent his youth in his beloved Sicily and in 1990 he moved to Brianza. He is very attached to his homeland, where he returns every summer, but he is also in love with the colors of Brianza.In Brianza he meets the painters Lorenzo Piemonti, Fernado Carcupino, Lino Brunelli, Angelo Fumagalli, Carlo Riva, Aldo Saruggia, Fernando Moscatelli, and other artists Curriculum 

He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in the municipalities of Vimercate, Monza, Besana Brianza, Selinunte, etc. painter FN Carcupino to whom he is linked by a deep friendship that will last until his death in 2003. 

In addition to that of Racalmuto already mentioned, he held other personal exhibitions: June 2000 in Macherio (MI); February 2003 in Lissone at the Palazzo del mobile "Cento firme" presented by the art critic Dr. Renato Tomasina, obtaining numerous acclaim from the public and critics, and December 2006 in Carate (Costa Lambro) at the "Taverna degli artists ". 

He has participated in numerous competitions, among others obtaining a second prize in February 2000 at the" Efebo Award ", awarded in September 2001 at the 40th national competition" Agnate ", third prize in February 2001 at the national competition" Premio Efebo " arte 2001 ”Cral Poste Milano, and reports in 2002, 2004 and 2006 at the international competition“ Premio Agazzi ”in Mapello. 

The last success in the field of sculpture is the 1st Prize "Sant'Anatalone Sculpture Competition" organized by the PRO LOCO of Carate where the president of the jury was Lorenzo Piemonti, in September 2007. 

Last success for painting the third place at National Biennial Competition of Villasanta (MB) on 23/05/2010. 

Since January 2006 the work "Crocefissione" is in the Holy See. On 02/06/2008 it was awarded the title of Knight of Merit of the Republic by the President of the Italian Republic "Giorgio Napolitano". Personal exhibitions "Emotions on the subject" Carate (MB) from 10 December 2006 to 31 March 2007 at the restaurant "Taverna degli Artisti". 

From 15 May 2010 to 23 May 2010 Personal exhibition entitled "Signs, matter and sensations" at Villa Campello Albiate (MB), the exhibition lasted until 01 September 2010 at the "Taverna degli Artisti" restaurant Carate in January 2011 Pope Francis of the work "San Sebastiano ".A June 20 12 Personal anthological exhibition in Verano (MB) at the Municipal Library. On 29 November 2014 collective exhibition at Galleria Tadini in Milan organized by Basezero Casa D'aste. Selected by ARTPROTAGONIST 2015 for exhibition at Villa Contarini (Piazzola Sul Brenta PD) from 06 December to 15 January 2016. In January 2016 the "Gash Art" (The art of the gash) creates a new and original artistic vision. Participation in the National Review of Pictorial Art in Giussano (MB) at Villa Sartirana from Sunday 06 to Sunday 20 November 2016 (reported). 2016 Calendar participation with artists' works organized by the Proloco of Carate Brianza (MB). 

Personal exhibition of painting "Gash Art" in Carate at the "Aliverti" Center via N. Sauro 26 from 29 April to 01 May 2017.

 On 06 October 2017 exhibition of works at the Palazzo della Regione Lombardia on the 39th floor. Exhibition at the "Arte Studio 26" Gallery in Milan curated by Prof. Carlo Franza from 13 December 2017 to 23 January 2018. o 2018 Personal exhibition-Auction entitled Astagash organized by the Basezero Auction House of Saronno (VA) at Arredamenti Riva di Saronno (VA). 

From March 2018 works permanently at the "La Telaccia" Gallery in Turin. From May 2018 collaboration with Chiccart Collection. 

Exhibition at the "& Art Gallery" in Vicenza exhibition entitled "Red Passion" from 13 July 2018 to 24 August 2018. 

Personal exhibition "Gash Art" in Macherio (MB) at the "Corte del Cagnat "from 14 to 28 October 2018. On 01 and 02 December 2018 exhibition with Chiaccart-Collection in Pavia c / o Pat (Pavia Art Talent). Participation in the prestigious Innsbruck Fair from 17 to 20 January 2019 with the Gallery" La Telaccia "in Turin. 

Participation in the Cremona Fair with Chiccart-Collection from 23 to 25 March 2019. 

Personal anthological exhibition" Evolution of a passion "at the Cultural Center of the municipality of Albiate (MB) from 24 March to 06 April 2019. ùParticipation in the Fuori Salone in Milan " Art Sharing "with Chiccart-Collection from 08 to 13 April 2019. Exhibition stand Fiera di San Fermo - Albiate (MB)



... his paintings are real "windows open to the soul" as they involve the author and the viewer in a game of discovery of emotions, dreams, desires, obsessions, which are the representation of life itself. Chiolo (Cultural Association of the Municipality of Verano -MB) .... we note the will of continuous research, an intelligent painter and above all sensitive to the stroke; his palette is rich in harmonious tones that give life to his creations, ranging from a figuration first and then a succession of evolutions in an abstract-informal, material sense, where he currently continues.Lorenzo Piemonti (Artist) .... usually it is called "ut pictura poesis" but the age-old formula can be read reversed: painting read as an interpretation of poetry. the coagulation between the space-sensorial element and the psychic-cultural element is undoubtedly present in the temperature of the sculptural and pictorial works of the excellent Calogero Salemi.Renato Tomasina (Art critic) .... music and poetry come back to life in his works in a constant artistic crescendo, within a path that leads him to experiment ever new techniques with the use of tempera, to which he adds sand, plaster, glue and other materials used to reinforce the sense of mystery that pervades his works. Franco Rizzi (Journalist, art critic) ... an artist with a thousand resources, always in the breach and never satisfied with the appreciable results achieved so far, constantly dedicated to perfecting his expressive technique and to finding new and more stimulating points of poetic inspiration for his multifaceted activity in the artistic field, an activity that ranges indifferently from the various genres of painting to the most varied forms of sculpture.Silvano Valentini (Art critic) -