DAISY KARTHAUS   -   Holland

                                                                                        CONTACTS: daisy.karthaus@ziggo.nl

Her Biography

Daisy Karthaus was born in Heerlen in 1970. From childhood she loved drawing and painting. Her ambition to study at an art academy was not appreciated by the family as a serious calling. She therefore completed the Social Work and Services training course in 1993.

Her creativity was given a new place in her life when she took up a job as a glazier in 2004. Within this traditional profession she was involved in the restoration of church windows. Hereby she also gained experience with fire painting. In recent years, she has also focused on oil painting.


Daisy Karthaus (Heerlen 1970), woonachtig in Tilburg, schildert haar modellen tegen een neutrale achtergrond, waardoor de focus volledig op het lichaam is gericht. Zij kiest bewust voor een verfijnde schilderstechniek, zodat de zachtheid van de huid zichtbaar blijft. Heel anders dus dan bijvoorbeeld Lucian Freud, om maar eens iemand te noemen, die zijn modellen in een interieur plaatst, de verf dikwijls dik opbrengt en rauw en expressief schildert.

Daisy Karthaus is een laatbloeier. Na tien jaar werkzaam te zijn geweest als glazenier en kerkramen te hebben gerestaureerd, is zij pas in 2014 gaan schilderen op doek, eerst in acryl, maar al gauw in olieverf. “Olieverf droogt wel langzamer, maar je kunt er langer in doorwerken, wat bij acryl niet kan.” Als schilder is ze autodidact. Bewonderenswaardig dat ze in een paar jaar tijd op groot formaat doek weet te werken.

(Brabant Cultureel, Nederland, 2017)

Mostra collettiva Steenfabriek Gilze-Rijen, aprile 2011. Vetrate e sculture. 

Mostra personale Galerie de Roos, Tilburg, gennaio 2017. Dipinti ad olio. 

Mostra a Het Kruithuis a 's-Hertogenbosch, maggio 2018. Acquerelli e dipinti.

About her Art 

The main theme of her paintings is vulnerability. That is why she paints nudes. They are located in a bare room and they are so large that they fill the entire screen. They are the prisoners of the space allocated to them, and of their body and destiny. Through this composition and the format of her canvases, the figures evoke intense emotions in the viewer. These are further enhanced by the undeniable and skill with which details of the human body are recorded.

The starting point of Karthaus is to paint emotions. Thanks to the painter’s brush, her figures finally get the chance to express their deepest feelings.

Karthaus’ nudes have nothing to do with the idealized nude of advertising, fashion and porn. They are not young, slim and perfect. They show the beauty of older bodies, of the body drawn by time.

When choosing her subjects, Daisy Karthaus is inspired by art history, her vision of current themes and her own biography. She deliberately plays with icons from the art of painting, as with the painting: l’Origine de la merde. This work is a clear reference to Courbets l’Origine du monde. The diptych Adam and Eve is also a nod to classical painting.


Daisy Karthaus (Heerlen 1970), che vive a Tilburg, dipinge le sue modelle su uno sfondo neutro, in modo che il focus sia completamente sul corpo. Sceglie consapevolmente una raffinata tecnica pittorica, in modo che la morbidezza della pelle rimanga visibile. Molto diverso da Lucian Freud, ad esempio, per nominare qualcuno che mette i suoi modelli in un interno, spesso applica la vernice in modo denso e dipinge in modo crudo ed espressivo.

Daisy Karthaus è in ritardo di fioritura. Dopo aver lavorato come vetrina e restaurare le finestre della chiesa per dieci anni, ha iniziato a dipingere su tela solo nel 2014, prima in acrilico, ma presto a olio. "La pittura ad olio si asciuga più lentamente, ma puoi lavorarci più a lungo, cosa impossibile con l'acrilico." Come pittrice, è autodidatta. Ammirabile di riuscire a lavorare su tele di grande formato in pochi anni.

(Brabant Cultural, Paesi Bassi, 2017)