CONTACTS: eddie.delvaux@gmail.com

His Biography

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Eddie Louis Delvaux is a young French artist born in Toulon. The young Stylist passed his Baccalaureate in Fashion at the high school “Les Coteaux” in Cannes and then went to the Fashion School IICC in Marseille. He created his brand in relation to art and furnishing. He is a recognised craftsman and offers you colourful creations in his image. His work is a melting-pot of different artistic waves like pop, street art or comics, all being in a very personal universe. We can observe political, philosophical and social engaged pieces of work. In his art he maintains the code Eddie Louis Delvaux. We can find it in his colours, his presentation and his signature. For example, Eddie Louis is hidden in his work and the Delvaux signature is on the right bottom (except in exceptional circumstances when decided by the artist). His technique consists in a mix of “Poska”, “Stabilo”, sticking and everyday objects (in the aim to mix recycled and new materials).