About her Art 

To wake the soul through tender strokes of Art”


          An Intuitive Abstract artist, Hufreesh Dumasia Chopra, has been painting ever since she was old enough to hold a brush. To become an artist wasn't a conscious choice but a natural expression of her being. Growing up in Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education in South of India and   living in Auroville inspired her to seek within for her artistic inspiration.

Art is Life and Life is Art! The two are not separate! Each inspires the other to create, to be, to express, to dream…And she started dreaming right from the time she could hold a brush in her hand! Dreams, Visions, Memories from another time and another space…She drifts in and out between different worlds as she creates! Time becomes timeless…and a sense of eternal being-ness is felt! She loses her sense of identity and grows one with the inspiration and her creation.

          Life threw a curved ball at Hufreesh, when she least expected it. She lost her father whom she was very close too, at the tender age of 12. That loss made her realize that life is unpredictable, there are no guarantees. From that pain and confusion, her Spirit grew and so did her Art. She made a pact with Life to live it to the fullest, to experience all it had to offer, but most importantly, to create deep meaningful connections with people.

         Her Art connects with the inner most part of her being. It is like having a conversation with her soul and expressed through her Art.   A self-discovery process of finding one's true Nature.   Her Art reflects an adventurous process ... to find something beautiful in the Unknown, Unpredictable and chaos of Life.   Her works are primarily in acrylic, but she also likes to work in mixed media.   Over the years her work has evolved and there has been a constant change of styles in her work, as she searches for a new medium to express the Invisible. She believes that as she learns and grows through life experiences so does her Art progress as well. The Inner Journey continues....

 Hufreesh has had Art exhibitions all over India, UK, Singapore, and Tokyo. Recently she participated in the following prestigious exhibitions:


  Florence Biennale, Italy

  International Art Festival - Marseille, France

  Izmir Biennale - Turkey

  Venice Pre-Biennale - Venice, Italy

  International Exhibition - Spain

  International Exhibition - Berlin, Germany

    San Jose, California, USA

    Art Residence - Texas USA