JEANETTE FYHR      - Sweden  



About her Art 


She is one of the artists based in the local of the old closeddown porcelainfactory in Gustavsberg in the archipelago of Stockholm. Now it is artiststudios instead, and called G-studion . Jeanette Fyhr was from the beginning ceramics and glass artist. She attended her first ceramic course at 5 years old.
Now more active in most techniques and materials, but always longing for working with glass again.

She works a lot in painting, but also in sculpture, often with ambiguity.
One should be able to interpret freely and the interpretation you make might not be the one I as an artist did from the beginning, but which I welcome.
The motives are often about interaction between individuals, people or animals. Often with a humouristic view which makes her laugh about her own artworks, but she also makes paintings of nature and landscapes.

Jeanette Fyhr was educated at university of Art craft and design (MFA), Threedimensionell design glass and ceramics, examineted in 1991, but also educated at Graphicstudio (3d-graphics and production of animated movies), and at Stockholm university of Arts were she was studying digital creation and interactive media.

Some of the recent exhibitions was at

the gallery of Konstnarshuset

Wip arthall,

Edsvik konsthall

Jeanette Fyhr has been active as an artist for her whole life, working in many different ways and with different expressions.

She has been a part of the gallery in old Tramway Museum's premises- Odenplan subway platform Poolgallery, in stockholm, working with tailoring business in West Africa, illustrating books and magazines and so on.

You can see more of her works at

Beside her own artwork she is also teaching partly in painting and drawing at Medborgarskolan