LAURE POYET        - France




« I have created THE ORGANIC ART : "Don't think about Art, 

do it !" »

Mini Biography and...

« The origins of my art lie in the very essence of my revelation.
I did not choose to be a painter; it was the painting that chose me with my body defending.

All my life has been organized around this art without concession, without venal project, which does not put into practice an obligatory and disparaging academism, which is not constrained by an external vision of the Art. It is rather my painting that guides me beyond my mind and body. I rather make body with my painting.
It is an incarnation in every work. A deliverance. A birth ».


.. I kill and retort matter to bring it back to life.
Light and infinite certainty spring forth that my creation will forever be a space of freedom for every person who will immerse herself/himself in it and will make love with my artwork ».


Self-taught as a painter , Laure went through a PhD in Clinical Psychology and a MBA in Human Resources Management before arriving at the Art she lived as a spiritual revelation.

Her life was transformed and her fate is drawn .

Since « her revelation » the 10th of February 2009, she was chosen for a solo exhibition by a gallery near Paris working for Sotheby's.

Laure is selected for her first major exhibition by the Society of French Artists of the Grand Palais in Paris in 2010 for the exhibition " Art Capital" .

She is also winner of the contest " Golden Junk Genius " created in the US in 2012 .


The same year, Christian Sorriano, delegated by the Ministry of Culture from 1992 to 1995 to identify contemporary artists, offers her an international official listing and be part of the publication GUID'ARTS (existing since 1996), Dictionary of listed artists from the fifteenth century to the present (and so Artprice, iCAC certification and many auctions).

Laure POYET Academic receives awards in 2013 and in 2016 by the famous of French Academic Society; the next one in 2020.

In 2014, the famous Italian art critic Salvatore Russo chose her to represent the heirs of Jackson Pollock (and Lee Krasner).

Thanks to some artistic agents and sponsors, she continues to exhibit throughout the world (USA, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Israël, England, Korea, Russia, China and Japan, Spain and Portugal, Morroco...).


Her « Organic Art » current inspires many artists of all influences in the world !


"The painting of the French artist expresses his informal side of things, since his work is not aimed at the sign and / or figural interpretation, but rather to strengthen the need to allude to an expressive world, in whose depths, Laure , she manages to hide her instincts and her emotions as an author of the visual arts, as a modern and emancipated woman ».

Roberto Chiavarini, Art Director from Acadomia ITALY IN ART IN THE WORLD, Association