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Curriculum  and her ars poetica


I graduated from the Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy of the University of West Hungary in Sopron.

For a few years now, I have been running a visual-spatial talent development workshop for preschool children.

I presented my work for the first time in early 2019, I felt I needed feedback from others and confirmation that I needed to paint, to create.

Kindergarten pedagogical work and creation are both important to me, they complement each other, they make me balanced. I believe that we learn continuously throughout our lives, and diligence and humility, perseverance and demandingness are very important in our creative work.

I feel true to myself the words of Émile Zola, that "An artist is worth nothing without talent, but talent is worth nothing without work."

Painting gives me freedom; I can display on the canvas everything that is limited in reality. I can mix the existing with the things my imagination creates, creating something new, something unique.

Of course, all this must be done from the heart. I am attracted to the constant beauty of man and nature, the colorfulness of the tales-, and the imagination of the child living in me. In my paintings I try to arrange these into a harmonious whole. The relationship between the created world, the fairy tale, fantasy and man, and the resulting aesthetic values ​​are important to me.

I would like my creations to attract everyone’s own moments, whether forgotten, lived, or dreamed, and enchant the visitor for a short time.


My solo exhibitions:

2019. April 5.

King Club Gallery

1077 Budapest, Király s. 97.

2019. May 30.

János Mancz Kindergarten

8000 Székesfehérvár, Rákóczi s.

2019. October 11.

M6 Gallery

1051 Budapest, Mérleg s. 6.

2020. May 20.


8000 Székesfehérvár, Bástya s. 1.


Group exhibitions:

2019. May 5.

Artists in the Secret Gallery

1066 Budapest, Ó s. 12.

2019. July 27.

Ver-Deco Gallery

1092 Budapest, Ferenc Blvd. 32.

2019. September 14.

VIII. Orfű Autumn Exhibition


7677 Orfű, Széchenyi sq. 1.

2019. September 14.

Hello Budapest - international contemporary art exhibition at the Vármező Gallery

1012 Budapest, I. Attila s. 93.

2019. December 1.

Autumn-Winter Exhibition - Downtown Artists' Club

1052 Budapest V. dist. Párisi                                                       court

2020. June 7.

Quarantine exhibition - Downtown Artists' Club

1052 Budapest V. dist. Párisi                                                       court

Articles about my creative activity:

-         2019. April Jose Galvan - International Library of Contemporary Artists

-         2019. April 30. Gondola Cultural Magazine Artist Entrance Column

-         2019. October 18. ARTium Cultural and Art Magazine

-         2020. January „Hagyományőrzés” an online site featuring contemporary artists

-         2020. May 20. Program tourism page

-         2020. May 20. Tele É

-         2020. May 28.

-         2020. June 2. Fejér County Newspaper

-         2020. June 4. FEOL


You Tube video:

-         2020. May 20. Online exhibition of Henriett Magony in the Igéző