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About his Art  

Marco Pulega was born in Milan, Italy, in January 1991.

 Since he was a child, he has shown signs of great interest in everything related to art, especially in drawing and use of colors, which now are his great passion.

He attended the Umberto Boccioni Artistic High School in Milan; here he deeply studied art history, becoming passionate about the life of artists and their artistic conceptions from which he will draw a profound teaching and inspirations. He approaches painting and drawing by developing its technique and begins to paint regularly outside the school context. Here he also has developed a strong bond with Philosophy and the Plastic Arts. These interests will guide him in the following years. During the last school year, in 2012, he has participated at the Umberto Boccioni Award. After obtaining the Diploma, he chooses to attend the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan where he graduates in Painting with a dissertation about Visual Art. In 2013 he exhibited in the collective exhibition "900 mai visto, fuori dal quadro" by the Brescia Museums Foundation. In 2015 he participated in the Academy's Salon Primo. In recent years, his art is evolving radical evolutions and changes in technique and style, developing its own language. Always interested in experimentation, which the artist still considers the essential element of his painting, Marco Pulega moves between different techniques and different forms that always achieve new results.

He lives and works between Milan and Verona.