MARINA STATHI      - Greece       



About her Art

Personal Information  Born in Athens at 14/10/1962  She is married with 2 children. Studies-Seminars  Attendance of seminars and certification in the visual-artistic constructions of Powertex by POWERTEX.GR-Marianna Kontoe.  Attendance of seminars in abstract painting by Chris Leloudis.  Attendance of seminars and certification in Japanese floral art “Ikebana” by Ikebana-Ohara School of Japan. Activities  Exhibitions in the historical area “Deksameni Theater” and in the municipal Library of Koropi Attica, in collaboration with PACO ART CENTER.  Participation in group exhibitions under the framework of the International Economic Forum “MONEY SHOW” in Athens and Thessaloniki.  Participation in group exhibitions Ikebana at the College of Athens.  Teaching and demonstration in either daily or 2-day seminars on small groups, as well as special private lessons with visual-artistic constructions of Powertex and Ikebana across all Greece.  Participation in group exhibition at MEGA ART GALLERY, Corchiano Italy.  Participation in group exhibition at INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S HOUSE (Casa internazionale delle donne), ROMA Italy.  Participation in an international group exhibition of art, Ayvalik Turkey