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About her Art

Nani Wijaya was born in Surabaya on 1978. She got her university degree on architecture. 

She worked on a mosaic ceramic company starting from 2000 and resigned on 2007 to chase her own dream. During 2007-2015, she worked freelance as product packaging designer. 

Then, one day, she reached a point where she wanted to experience all the good things she had when she was a child, and realized what she dreamed of. Painting. During 2015-2018, Nani tried to acknowledge her painting style and type.

 At first, she painted many watercolor paintings, and participated on several exhibitions like on House of Sampoerna and on several Surabaya Kolcai group exhibitions.

 From there, she got the skills of depth, movement and transparency, which then implemented by her to her acrylic paintings as her new media. Nani artworks always tell a story, whether specific stories that happened only to her or everyday occasions that can be experienced by everyone.

 Her artworks are also inspired by poems. She is a painter who loves to photograph, with a motto that water is her contemplation and color is her rejoice heart.



I want to express all my pleasure for having met this talented artist, it is with great joy that we publish the personal page of this painter who comes from far away, from Indonesia and is the first artist that we welcome from this beautiful country.

Someone seeing his works could talk about her as an informal artist but the art of NANI WIJAYA has a great strength and impact due to her wisdom in balancing the forms and the use of the gray color that becomes the mother of all her colors ... . His art is like a river in flood, a stormy sea ... his canvases give the impression of being living matter, rocks, mountains, cracks and cliffs.

What NANI WIJAYA paints instead are the landscapes of her land, landscapes that are her daily life but filtered by her pictorial poetry from the pure energy that admirably manages to fix on the canvas.

She paints the force of Nature, the incessant flow of water that shapes the rock and creates ravines that destroy and recreate in an endless motion ...


Claudio Giulianelli