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Colors and more

As far back as I can remember, I have always held a camera. The first camera I owned was an Instamatic 25. Some people thought that I had taken unusual photos, photos of flower stems through vases ...


1978. A click. A decisive photo: 2 friends in a wood, slightly backlit, with a very sensitive film, a colored stocking in front of the lens for a blurred effect - it was the time of Sarah Moon. I made the decision to live my passion: I would become a photographer. Two photographers particularly marked me: Maisel and Roïter, pioneers in their approach, in their conception of the image. Both were in love with color.


1981. I was self-employed, I worked for different companies, mainly in construction, including Bouygues. Its founder, Francis Bouygues, had decided to recruit a young photographer to develop the brand image of his company. . I accepted this challenge. I supported its development. I had to impose my gaze, my approach, to shape its image. Bouygues was very different then today, I was the only artist in a world of engineers. I have cultivated this difference for 20 years.


Throughout my travels, I have taken photos of skies from around the world. I loved this work on colors but I was never completely satisfied because I never considered them complete although I have exposed some of them. For years, I couldn't take a single photo. I had nothing to say. I was there like an uninspired painter in front of his canvas or like a writer staring at his blank page. Frustrating times. Unbalanced times. As the days went by, the reality of taking photos became more and more distant. Now, when I look back, I know that it was necessary to walk this painful path, after all, others faced the same tension.


2005. Steni Valla, a small port on the island of Alonnisos, in Greece. Early morning is my favorite time. I always get up early. I appreciate these first hours of the day, collusion, calm, serenity. As I walked on the platform, I suddenly saw the color, the movement mold and deform, transform. Astonishment followed by a sudden urge, an imperative requirement to take photos, right there. Leaving aside the frustration, the imbalance that I had endured in previous years, I was seized by happiness and fully embraced it. It was like going back to my roots, the source of my creativity, a return to my balance.


I have always been in love with the sea. It is both beautiful and fragile. She is our source of life and always, day after day, we only mistreat her, hurt her, kill her.


Perhaps my photos will contribute more than ever to raise awareness so that together we must protect it sustainably. I'm trying to bring my own stone.


From Steni-Vala in Greece to Paris via Venice and elsewhere, my images, my reflections, produced without artifice and as usual and always, without filtering or modification of the color, are printed in a single copy.

 Main exhibitions

Jamault gallery, Paris (France) – November 2019

Personal exhibition

For the benefit of the GoodPlanet Foundation


Jamault gallery, Versailles (France) – November 2012

Personal exhibition

For the benefit of UNISEP association


Grand Palais, Paris (France) – November 2009


For the benefit of UNISEP association


Beirut (Lebanon) – October 2009

Personal exhibition

For the benefit of LES AMIS DU LIBAN association


Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (France) – September 2009


for the benefit of UNISEP association

 Espace Champerret, Paris (France) – April 2009


For the benefit of UNISEP association


Modigliani gallery, Paris (France) – February 2009

Personal exhibition

For the benefit of LES PETITS PRINCES association


Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (France) – October 2008



Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (France) – June 2008