His Biography

I was born in Rome on April-02-1959 At the age of 5 I moved to Africa (Somalia Mogadishu) with the family and stayed there until the age of 10. The stay in Africa has deeply marked my life on the artistic profile. Uncommon human relationships, the harshness of life, the strong sun, the pungent smells have dug deep furrows in my soul. Upon returning to Italy, I went to live in Naples. 

This was a meaningful experience, and also here with a strong sun. To complete the 5th grade they enrolled me in the Don Bosco state school in Portici. Here at my first approach with my Italian (Neapolitan) peers and here I convinced myself that I could not understand Italian because the Neapolitan language, unknown to me, was incomprehensible to me In Naples I had to face a difficult reality. 

When I reached high school I had to choose whether to undertake artistic studies or not. At the time I was already painting emulating the various trends of the period but I was still looking for my artistic character that was as personal as possible. 

Hence the choice to undertake artistic studies without an academic path that would have influenced and conditioned me moving away from my personal research. In 1978 I started my personal technical and expressive path. I have returned several times to Africa, deepening the cultural differences with the western ones.

Life then led me to a job that made me travel the world, to marriage and to have two children but I never stopped painting and narrating my emotions through the paintings. In fact, painting has always accompanied me and tells the natural growth of a man. Today my paintings, with the use of a personal color fragmentation technique represent the sensations, worries, joys and thoughts of a contemporary man. 

As such, these feelings can only be feelings similar to those of all contemporary men. This is my and our fantastic path to share in the dreams of our times.


Regina Elena - Mogadiscio
Galleria Plaza - Napoli
ATI Mostra Nazionale O.A. - Napoli
Free Line - Sidney
Giornata UNICEF Mostra dʼOltremare - Napoli
Lucrezi Chiostro S.Chiara - Napoli
Alva Raf - Roma
Castel dellʼOvo - Napoli
Festa del Verde S. Sebastiano al Vesuvio - Napoli
Chiostro S. Chiara - Napoli
5° Premio Nazionale Città di Sarno - Napoli
A-Zeta Arte Pompei - Napoli
1° Premio Rione Marano Sorrento - Napoli
31° Mostra Nazionale Sorrento - Napoli
Tele Luna P. - Napoli
2° Premio Palazzo dellʼOrologio Pomigliano dʼArco - Napoli
VII Biennale Pompei - Napoli
Albano - Napoli
Asterisco Casalnuovo - Napoli
Aula Consiliare Comune Pomigliano dʼArco - Napoli
Pinacoteca Provinciale ex Carcere Borbonico - Avellino
Fiera Mercato - Bologna
Arte & Carte - Napoli
Lega Navale Italiana Portici - Napoli
“égrisée” - Napoli
Pinacoteca Comunale - Rivisondoli
Scuola E. De Amicis - Battipaglia
Teatro S. Giuseppe - Milano
Centro P.P. Pasolini – Casalnuovo Napoli
Palazzo Caracciolo – Avellino
Templi Paestum – Amministrazione Comunale Capaccio
Torrione di Ischia - Napoli
Genti & Paesi – Roma
Orfanotrofio Bencivenga San. Chirico Raparo - Potenza
Azienda Soggiorno e Turismo Positano - Napoli
1000ʼart – Napoli
Scuola G. Paladino – San Chirico Raparo - Potenza
Città della Scienza – Napoli
Villa Rosamaria – San Chirico Raparo – Potenza
Navigli - Milano
Palazzo Migliaresi – Vibrazioni - Pozzuoli Napoli
Trastevere - Spazio 40 - Roma
Bar Plaza - San Chirico Raparo Potenza
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