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Her Biography

Susanna Yang was born in South Korea in 1975. From an early age she has always been passionate about drawing. He enrolled in university specializing in fashion design. Painting for her is a great passion, not having attended the faculty of fine arts, she began her self-taught artistic career. Her painting is not tied to any scheme, so she manages to create her own technique. For Susanna, the art of drawing is the only way to reconnect the soul and express its great emotions. Through her works she tries to find relief and at the same time being comfort and guide for others, putting all the energy of her soul into them. Susanna in her works uses tones that shake the heart and that express anguish and pain with a trembling hope.

About her Art

Review for Susanna Yang by Rosa Didonna as an art expert graduated and specialized in art history in the latest trends expresses that in your research by the artist Susanna Yang, everything is reduced to the essentials, a disarming synthesis for simplicity and impact emotional; your works are direct, clear, fresh, welcoming and enthralling in their dynamic rhythm. The combination of colors is also dynamic, which in their imperfect construction give us a courageous and lyrical perfection. A stylistic perfection is evident, through the not perfect style, to outline the decisive and impregnating character of the expressed concept; everything is, what has been, in a simplification process that makes communication more direct. His style imposes itself, which like oil reaches the peripheries, permeating the narrative fantasy of itself; there is no metaphor to be made explicit, it is a unicum that tells of the warmth of home, the smells and flavors of your land. The brush is constantly moving, to highlight the certainty of the theme. The brush stroke is soft, supple, warm and enveloping. Painting as risk and adventure, and not execution. Accurate refinement of the sign and detail, present in abstract paintings. The expressive freedom of the combination of colors predominates; paradoxically in search, everything is accomplished instantly, in a balance of forms. The genre picture is of the informal artistic current.