CONTACTS: taisiia.cherkasova@gmail.com

Her Biography 

«Humanity has transformed the planet over the centuries. By impacting his environment, man irremediably destroys or alters nature. Animals undergoing these transformations change to give a form of surreal extranimalism.»

Taisiia was born on January 2nd 1991 in Dnipropetrovsk, Eastern Ukraine. Self-taught in the art of painting, it was after obtaining her civil engineering diploma that moving to France enabled her to devote herself to her desire to live from and by art. Her universe that she calls «surrealist extranimalism» is dirrectlly inspired by her chilhood influenses such as the fantasy books of Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov or the classical painting masters like Hieronymus Bosch and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

Both sensetive end sensibel to enviromental issues, she mixes the imaginary, the animal world and the human presence to denounce changes in the evanescent nature.


2020 Collective exhibition « A Changing Landscape: The Female eye » - Van Der Plase Gallery - New York - US

2020 Collective exhibition « One more day » - H Galerie - Paris -


2020 Collective exhibition as part of the International Short Film Festival -

Clermont-Ferrand - FRANCE

2019 Collective exhibition at the gallery «A Diane et Mars» - Paris - France

2019 Personal exhibition at the gallery «Rude Manners» - Paris - FRANCE

2019 Scenic pictorial performance withe the harmony orchestra - Clermont - Ferrand - France

2018 Collective exhibition as part of the festival «Les arts en balade» - Clermont -

Ferrand, FRANCE

2018 Scenic pictorial performance as part of the trinôme collective - Clermont - Ferrand, FRANCE

2018 Painting workshop for the local association - Clermont - Ferrand, FRANCE

2018 Collective exhibition as part of the festival «Ricochet(s) Lab» - Clermont - Ferrand, FRANCE

2018 Personal exhibition at Dolet Gallery - Clermont- Ferrand, FRANCE

2017 Exhibition for the Exhibition «Habitat» - Clermont -Ferrand, FRANCE

2016 Collective exhibition «Collectif» -Clermont - Ferrand, FRANCE

2015 Exhibition of paintings in the gallery «Les intemporels» - Clermont - Ferrand, FRANCE