JULIA WILLIAMSON     - France      


                                                                                       CONTACTS: julia.williamson@orange.fr

About her Art

  In the early 1990s I trained as a psychiatric nurse.Then (in another life) I worked for several years restoring archives, books and maps, where I learned the complexities of a seemingly simple element: the paper.
I have lived in France since 2000 and my sculptures allow me to communicate without words. When I create, my two main principles are recycling and a touch of disequilibrium, with a hope: that those who see one of my creations ... hang onto a detail ... gets niggled ... pull a face or a smile ... and are carried away in a story, his story, my story ... A little click
that touches or creates an emotion.
If I explain all, the risk would be that the person leaves their own imagination … and when I arrive at this border, I have found my balance …

Artist/sculptrice (paper & mixed media): self taught
Raghurajpur International Art / Culture Exchange -(INDE) oct-nov 2013
Licence infirmière psychiatrie 1991-1994 (Angleterre)


Exhibitions :

Puls’art. Le Man 2018
Salon d’Automne. Paris. 2017
Galerie Nicholas Treadwell. Vienne Autriche. 2016 et 2017
Galerie Arrivage .Troyes. juillet/aout 2016
Artistes en Liberté (SLBA) Palais de Bondy. Lyon. 2016 et 20017
Galerie L’Art et La Raison. Grenoble. mars 2016
Bastille Design Center (Configuration Critique). Paris. septembre 2015
Galerie Christiane Peugeot. Paris. mars 2015.
Galerie Licence iv. Macon. decembre 2014
Galerie La Rage. Lyon. sept/oct 2014
“Singul’art” Montpellier. mai 2014
Galerie Sylvain Dumochel Quebec. Canada. 2014
Raghurajpur Art Exchange. Inde. nov 2013
“Bann’art” festival d’art singulier. Banne Ardeche 2013 et 2014
Galerie Alter Art,“Duo” Grenoble 2013.
Galerie Mine D’Art.“Rock Art” Genève 2012.
Galerie Primopiano “Cadavre Exquis”. Lecce. Italie 2010.
Galerie Hang’Art. “Williamson & Metz” Grenoble 2009 et 2011