Sulla sua Arte

I was born and raised in a small town of 5000 in South Carolina, USA. 

I have been a small-town girl in heart and mind all of my life.

 I love the countryside and the beauty it shares. 

My imagination takes me to abstract locations and my paintbrush finds its way to put it on canvas.
When I paint a cityscape or a cold landscape it is from the depths of my imagination. I live in a warm climate where snow is a rare event.        

I took oil painting lessons starting at the age of 11 on Saturday mornings by a local oil painter. (Art was not offered in our small school.)

I was trained in realistic oil painting. I found my passion in acrylic painting at the University of South Carolina where I received a degree in Art Studio.
I worked in commercial art for 20+ years as I raised my family. My husband died when I was 39. My whole life changed.
I started teaching art at a public school for ages 11-14. While teaching I acquired a Masters Degree from Lesley University in Creative Teaching.

I remarried. Hence, the different names throughout the 50+ years I have been painting. 

I use my birth name on my artwork C.A. Starr.

these years of painting, I have exhibited in the art museum of Pickens County, South Carolina; shown my artwork in local exhibits in South Carolina and have donated works to various charities.

20 years of teaching, I retired.           

 Now I have time to devote to my passion – art.