DIOGO LANDÔ      - Portogallo

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La sua Biografia

My journey has always been quite linked to the arts. Painting, photography and music were a part of my life as a child and as a teenager and it was frequent to interconnect these areas in the several activities I joined, having participated in different musical projects, where besides the musical aspect I would also contribute to the graphic part, by designing posters, logos, photography, among others.

 Still in high school (2002), I discovered the potential of the digital in the artistic creation, even though in a very primary form, and developed a series of projects linked to the digital photography and the creation of digital images. Looking back, I believe that was when the “seeds were planted” for the work I would be producing years later.

 After finishing high school I moved to Porto, where I attended the Jazz School and studied Art and Communication (Design, Photography and Cinema), graduating in Graphic Design, by ESAP (2010).

 I started my professional journey in design and video, having worked for design offices and public institutions.

 With a career of over 10 years in artistic and graphic productions, with books, albums, comics, promotional campaigns and magazines published, I’ve decided it was time to invest in an artistic career focused on my own creation and personal expression.

 Artist Statemen

Working with different mediums such as design, photography, comics or video has led me to produce an aesthetic based on several inspirations and a blend of techniques, that we can categorize as Mix-media or Digital Art, alternating between digital and analogue mediums and producing images that are filled with expression and multidimensionality.

 My work has been focusing on the human pluridimensionality, in understanding the myths, the emotions and the primal feelings.

It’s a work absent of time, usually surrounded by an environment that transcends reality and enters imagination, inviting the viewer to create an emotional and interpretative connection.

The secret garden


“Secret Garden” is a collection of fictional portraits, of imaginary and forgotten characters, between the past and the present, the real and the oneiric, between what is and what is not visible. Similarly to the human being, each “secret garden” is unique and complex, made by a multitude of impressions and emotions, evoking themes such as the relation between the then and the now, the immediate and the subsequent, the body, the emotions and the personal growth: the blossoming.

 Made in light boxes, it’s when the light turns on that we can truly contemplate all the details of the piece, that acquires a multidimensional aura and allows access to a new perception of shapes and textures, that were not visible at first glance.