ERNA FERJANIČ     - Slovenia


                                                               CONTATTI:Prešernova ul. 31, 3250 Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia (SLO) 

                                                                  Email:  Phone: 00386 40 74 83 89

La sua Biografia 

ERNA FERJANIČ  was born in 1955 in Celje (SLO). She went to primary school in Rogaška Slatina, to grammar-school in Celje. After the diploma at the Pedagogic Accademy, Department for Art (Ljubljana, Maribor), she worked as a teacher of art in Primary school in Ljubljana. In first years of her career she was also busy whithin the theatre-scenery and marionete show. She moved back to Rogaška Slatina and  was for ten years a director of Museum of Grafphics with an interesting  Graphics Collection (from 16 th to 19 th cent.). After work in Museum (when became problems with state ownership) she went to teach in school again. Beside painting and sculpturing she works on graphics and graphical design, with ilustration, photography, is a mentor for art groups for children and adults (University for third period of life).

Also organize art meetings, international ex tempore (eight time), colonies and symposia, international art workshops and important (inernational) exhibitions in different galleries. In Glass Factory in Rogaška Slatina she organized for five years (for artists) unique workshop with glass in cooperating with glass masters. 

She also write poetry and articles for newspapers. Erna published four books of her poems: Seven Crosses, The dead Flower, A half of Heart, I sing a Song. 

Her works of art she exhibited on over 130 personal and over 400 collective exhibitions in main galleries in ex- YU (Beograd, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Split, Zemun), in galleries in Slovenija, Austria, Germany, Polland, Russia, Italia, Romania, Turkay, Canada and China. She also cooperate with other artists in colonies and workshops in Slowenia and abroad.

For her work she receipted (also international) prizes (12) and awards (16). 

She is a member of:

Art Associations of Fine Artists - DLUM, Maribor, SLO (since 2004),

The Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies – ZDLUS, SLO (since 2004),

Art Association Široka staza in Zemun, Serbia (since 2006),

National Association of Glass Art of Slovenia (since 2014, is a vice-president),

Literary Association Sončnica, Rogaška Slatina (since 2012, is a president),

Artists International Gallery, U.K. (2017).

Sulle sue ultime opere


An artist Erna Ferjanič is in whole life inspired with nature. Her big opus of works are created in cycles with different titles: Trees, Grass, Magic Landscapes, My Town in new perspektive (arhitecture is rarely on her works).


A cycle Black and white (two years ago) surprised with conection with music (consecrated to exotic instrument marimba, which makes mistic sphere). She painted works on thema of instrument (knocking on keys) which has developed from »chembalo« with J. S. Bach in baroque. Works were inspired of the angels sound of instrument. Sinthetic with sound, light and colours are amazing. Those works were also inspired of two inventors of »mistic« accord: Aleksander Skrjabin and his coloured pipe-organ and Vasilij Kandinsky with effekt of soud. In this cycle E. Ferjanič simbolic create sound of a Piano with expressive curve artists objects and space, from evklid to no evklid space into moredimension space where is sound, light, kozmic strings and all forms of energy funkcional, vibrating totality – a groundwork of Universum (like a simphony Harmonia Mundi Paula Hindemitha for J. Kepler). In this way the Piano is simbol of Space and of Life.


In a new cycles Sun and A walk of Lightness an artist made a collages on paper (mix technics) – works are eruption of ideas. Trees, grass, bushes could be seen beetween rays of lightness (rays without colour) which are going throught vegetable forms. A Sun is a well of Life. E. Ferjanič made this cycle with »clasic« technic acryl on canvas, but some works were made in mix technic (with laces and sticked sand on a base of the future work). Those pictures we experience like associative abstract works of art with aluzion on vegetable and geological forms and planets, with simbols of Tellus mater (Gea). A Life is fertilized with light of Sun. A Sun is glowing lightness, there is a big fire plate above the simplify landscape. An impression is that works are illustration of Ehnatons Hymn of God of Sun Aton.