MINA RADOVIC     - Serbia

                                                                                      CONTATTO: minaradovic@yahoo.com


Mina Radovic (born 1988) graduated painting at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, and later completed her Master studies on the same subject.

Mina completed her Interdisciplinary PhD studies with the thesis in Digital Art at the University of Arts in Belgrade, in 2018. Her PhD research as an artist is concentrated on painting and video production of the film “Human body forms”.

Mina was Professor and Chair of Art - Painting and Drawing, Lekart Academy (Private School of Art\ Junior and Senior Classes).

She has guided several workshops as well.

She has had numerous exhibitions both in her home country and abroad.

Mina is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS).


Mina’s paintings are combination of unusual shaped forms - almost sculpturing on canvas - and strong colours with intensity of Mediterranean lights, ending in the energetic game between subtlety and strength.

 Biljana Jotic, Art Historian


Mina Radovic’s paintings are unpredictable, diverse, complex and complete.

Mirko Antonije Malesic, Art Historian


Mina’s paintings follows dynamics of the powerful imagination and the eruptive energy of this artist. Its expressive volume resembles a sculptural expression.

Prof. Dr. Ratko Bozovic, Sociologist of Culture


Mina Radovic creates simply, sensually and directly, and the woman as the subject in her paintings is a strong, sensual and rebellious being who is not ashamed of her nature and significance.

Her paintings are not limited to esthetic rules.

Professor Marko Ladjusic, Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Belgrade


The composition of paintings is well-set and standard elements are developed as dialogue of horisontal surfaces which encounter, penetrate, correspond and retract.

Vladana Spaic Kosic, Art Historian