FAZHI LI        - Cina

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Sulla sua Arte 

The idea of a work often comes from a moment's emotion, or the concentration of the life and spiritual segments.
Artists are a common eating species. In their country, nothing can be strongly expressed, especially about sex, about desire, about irrational catharsis.

"Fill" this piece of work, starting with 332 naked, with sloppily knife dancing, erotic game experiment fanaticism style deeply.

When the individual life is very thin, and ignore the state against each other, constitute the expansion of the fuse, found a few naked is not enough, the transfer of emotion, the power of the subconscious in traction, then continue to add uncertainty in male and female ratio, organic and inorganic intervention.

Not only is the picture rich and colorful, but rather the dense utilitarian magnetic field. The scene is quite spectacular. They play different roles. Everyone is a witness, a realistic retrospection, transcending and sublimation, memory and oblivion.