There is no greater medium for expression than works of art, an idea is best spread through artwork as it allows the audience to interpret it in their own individual ways.

My art is my main means of expressing both: extraordinary and simple joys and intricacies of the world that I've come across in my lifetime. Words would not suffice in trying to explain the inner workings of mind – painting, photograph, or sculpture do a much better job at showcasing the emotions and thoughts that ran through my mind with each particular event or thought portrayed in my artwork.


Vladimir Kolosov is Canadian artist and entrepreneur. He lives and works in Maple Ridge, BC.
Vladimir Kolosov paintings and graphic works have been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions
in galleries and cultural organizations in USSR, Russia, Italy, UK, Canada. He participates in
International Art Fairs in Canada and USA. He is the member of the Federation of Canadian
Artists and CARFAC.
His artworks are mostly in private and corporate collections in Italy, France, Germany, Canada,
and USA
Vladimir Kolosov is the recipient of honourable awards. He was the initiator of International visual art contest for children and youth "The Art of Gelato" supported by UNISEF (Canada).
Vladimir Kolosov artworks were featured in several fine art albums and press.
He is the founder of the VOYZX Fine Art Project (https://www.voyzxart.com/), which is dedicated to Surrealism, neo-Dada, Abstract Impressionism, and Conceptual art.
He was born in 1962 in Moscow, USSR and got fine art education in 1976 – 1979 at Fine Art School for Youth (Moscow, USSR).
In addition to his extensive activity in fine arts Vladimir Kolosov is a multi-instrumentalist and composer. He also has strong background in mathematics, physics, economics, psychology,
marketing, and management.
He graduated from Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics and Moscow State University. Has number of international publications with respect to non-linear differential equations and methods of optimization.
He also graduated from Open University Business School and has number of business publications including three books.
He holds MSc and MBA and tons of certificates and diplomas which he keeps in a garage.