WANJIN SONG      - Cina 

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La sua Biografia ed il Curriculum

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Oil Painting
Mianyang Art Academy of Sichuan Conservatory of Music , 2014

Participated in the Graduation Exhibition in university ,2014
In Itself :The Ecological Group Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Art Highland ,chengdu, China,2015
2015•Art Critics Nominated Exhibition,Jinshang museum,Beijing, China,2015
Art Lizard•Young artists Nominated Exhibition,Art international gallery of yijia.chengdu, China,2016
Ice Breaking Art Festival (Beijing 798 Art Zone),Beijing, China,2016
Moisten Heart With Water in Sichuan • Chinese Contemporary Female Art Exhibition,Xiangdihonggallery, chengdu, China,,2017
Summer new art season of dushu lake, dushu lake art center, suzhou, China,2017.
Dark night voice and field practice -- chengdu youth contemporary art exhibition, fuli plaza, chengdu, China,2017.
Jixiang taizhou : the first national oil painting exhibition invitational exhibition, multi-win art life square, taizhou, China,2017.
 2017• the first china-europe international art biennale, Prague international exhibition center, Prague, Czech republic,2017.
The invitational exhibition of young artists of the national jiucheng art exhibition, the time art museum, chengdu, China,2017.
2017 "wenxuan new elephant" : with he polyling, wenxuan art museum, chengdu, China.2017.
The exhibition of China works exhibition of the sino-european international art biennale in Prague, China landscape art gallery, Beijing, China,2017.
 Yiqi art collection-- chengdu gallery association 2017 annual exhibition, wenxuan art museum, chengdu, China,2017.
 The fifth - Asia young artists nomination exhibition, water cube, Beijing, China,2017.
Mountain stream line- Broadway opening exhibition pavilion art life, millon palnting man art living realms, chengdu, China,2017.

Young•Ceremony (Blue Roof Art Education Center), chengdu, China.2016

 Sulla sua Arte 

The work is about the minutiae of our generation's lives, and more about women. Because a subtle emotion that comes from a woman's heart may be more tragic and mysterious. And this exquisite emotional love as the most complex emotional phenomenon in the world seems to be more complex in the present society. Debris is adopted in image stitching, like memory and even we are one of the most original phantom uneasy heart, make the picture to some scenarios mixed with a delicate matter and spirit, the dual contradiction of reason and sensibility. A dramatic display of love without love, a ritual without ceremony.