ANGELIKI FOKAEOS     - Grecia       



La sua Biografia

I was born in Constantinople, and at the age of ten I left the place I was born because of difficult political situations and I settled with family in Greece. My love for the visual arts started from my childhood in the city, through my family environment that had a strong artistic element. The mixture of colors on the silk, the work of my father who had a painting, created my love for his color and grades.So I felt the need to work more effectively with the art of painting. That's why I attended five years of painting lessons at XANTHI and participated in many group exhibitions. Later on, I continued for several years the workshops of the painter K. Dimitriadou, A. Zambetoglou and E. Chinitidou. Inspired by the scents and colors of the East where I was born, combined with the landscapes of the countries I traveled. I continued painting trying to capture various images that made me impression and especially the landscapes of Greece. I will not forget the first picture of my childhood that has remained indelible in my memory in the Prince Island of Bosporus..A painting teacher with his adult pupils and their caps, came to paint a fishing tavern based on piles in the sea. An enchanting depiction of simplicity on the canvas. This image of the sea always followed me in my artistic pursuits.

Individual exhibitions: 2015 In Corfu, 2016 In Thessaloniki, 2017 In Xanthi.

 Group exhibitions, 2017,2018, 2019 in 10 exhibitions with the Association of Painters of Thessaloniki and North Aegean, of which he is also a member. Also from 2019 he is an annual member of the Mega Art Gallery of Corchiano, ITALY.