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La sua Biografia


Born in 1970, Bartın,Turkey. Graduated from Gazi University, Gazi Education Faculty, Department Of Painting in 1992, Ankara.  She joined over about 100 group exhibitions, opened 30 solo exhibitions and holds five awards.   Her works can be found in various collections. She still continues her work of art in her atelier. She is also a member of UNESCO AIAP Association Of International Plastic Arts (UPSD).

Il suo Curriculum                           


    2019- ArtAnkara 5.Contemporary Art Fair- Ankara, Turkey

    2019- Vernice Art Fair, Euro Expo Art, Forli-Italy

    2018- İstanbulArtShow Art Fair, Gallery Abay, Hilton-Istanbul

    2018- Arte Fiera Art Fair, NeoArtGallery, Cesena-Italy

    2018-“ Art Museum and Exhibition Hall-Corum, Turkey

    2018- “3. Art Museum Workshop”, Municipality Art Gallery-Bartın, Turkey

    2018- “Truva II” Galerim Art Gallery, Armada-Ankara, Turkey

    2017- 4.ArtAnkara Art Fair-Ankara,Turkey

    2017 -“One World A Lot Of Story”, Linda Farrel Gallery - Paris

    2013-Inter Art International , National Museum, Alba Iulıa-Romania

   2013- “Mixed Media”, Lessedra Gallery- Bulgaria

    2012- “III. Balaton Salooon Art Competition Exhibition” -Hungary

    2012- “Feminine Discourse ” Tunel Art Gallery- Istanbul, Turkey

   2010- R.D.Art Gallery –Ankara, Turkey

   2009 Marziart Studio Gallery, Frankfurt-Germany

   2008 AKM Art Gallery /Istanbul, Turkey

  2005 Cankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center /Ankara , Turkey

  2015-Caddebostan Culture Center- Istanbul, Turkey

  2014-“Plates” Şirket-i Hayriye Art Gallery- İstanbul, Turkey

  2013- Inter Art International Art Show, National Museum, Alba Iulıa-Romania

  2013- “Mixed Techniquies” International Art Show, Lessedra Gallery- Bulgaria

    2013-“New Year Art Show” HK Art Gallery-Istanbul

    2012- “III. Balaton Saloon Art Competition’s Exhibition”- Hungary

    2011-“Yin-Yang”Contemporary Art and History Museum, Moscow-Russian

    2011- “Women in Art”, American Museum, Miami, Florida- USA

    2011-“Arachne” VII. Women’s Art Show, PrimoPiano Gallery, Lecce-Italy

    2011-”Violence Against Women Art Exhibition”, UPSD Art Gallery-Istanbul, Turkey

  2010-“Orange Blossom II. International Art Colony’s Exhibition, CRR-Istanbul

  2010- Art District Gallery, Las Vegas-America

  2010- WAF Expo Las Vegas, Place Gallery-America

  2010- Art 2010 “Global Art Perspektives”, Broadway Gallery, New York-America

  2009-“ Bashimi Art House, Salzburg Gallery- Avusturia

  2009- 19. Istanbul Art Fair, Tüyap- İstanbul

  2009- Bakırköy Art Center- Istanbul

  2009- “Politics, Practics and Emotions”Broadway Gallery, NewYork

  2009- "Human Rights" San Lucia-Belvedere, Caserta-Italy

  2009- “Summer Mix /4” Cihangir Art - Istanbul

  2009- 53. Venice Biennale , Ny Arts Pavilion / Italy

  2009- World Art Expo’09, California / USA

  2009 World Art Foundation Grand Salon Des Arts, California / USA

  2008 Oregon Ink Spot Print Exhibition,Nightingale Gallery /USA

  2008 International Biennial, D'art Gallery, Aiud / Romania

  2008 7TH Lessedra World Art Print Annuel , Sofia / Bulgaria

  2007 Tuyap Art Fair /Istanbul

La Critica

Artist, a modernist perspective separates women from men, the other / down draws of woman, attention to the structure. Doing so through women's identity and body gives internal conflict. In so doing, women don’t identity and gives the body via the internal conflict. Artist; sexual politics, print, the concept of patriarchy has created tension and pathological conditions in women appears to make them on behalf of the bodies or limbs extended and bright, striking colors combine and them bright, striking colors combine. Colors, feel the sourness of the situation with the brush strokes have highlighted the dramatic. In fact, artist, the subject of women of the modernist perspective that captures the evolution of a postmodern approach makes. Helene Cixous, Kristeva, post structuralist feminist philosophers such as Luce Irigay combine a new language, and the woman is in need for a new idea language Dilek Ozmen of fiction in the composition, the brush is held with the driving and color selection. Now, like many men on the idea of equality postfeminist approach is not a matter of fact. The important point to consider especially Irigay'ın Özmen says, "to talk like women" and "to speak as a woman" are themes. Here, artist will speak as a woman, working as the woman speaks. So what does that mean these concepts? "Women have to talk to" the current situation in both a psychological and social position indicates a position. Unlike that "women like to talk" to the plurality of meaning and subtlety, accuracy and control of information perspective means to be open to pluralism, that's always prevent men's language, to abolish, to suppress the qualifications are addressed. Concepts tables, lines, colors, was moved to the current study is one of the Özmen’s women ...

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