LOUIS COMEAU       - Canada / Olanda

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Sulla sua Arte 

I am a classical, true to life painter who uses modern materials and techniques to render my vision. My work ranges from portraits, poetic images to landscapes but my preferred subject has always been people. I am a French Canadian from Acadian culture, born in Atlantic Canada.
I moved to Europe in the year 2000.

 I make an effort to be  contemporary using my daily life and life experiences as inspiration for my poetic or magical realism images. I think that an artist /painter should also be a poet.

In my early twenties following the trend of the era , I also worked with different mediums: writing, performances art, and movies. In the early eighties I published a book of poetry; some of my text were published in national publication and read on national Canadian radio but I never stopped drawing. In my thirties I came back to painting, focussing exclusively on figure (narrative) and portraiture.

Having touched at numerous techniques, I have finally opted for acrylic as my preferred medium. I find that acrylic is the most suitable material for working in glazes, it has properties of its own that no other medium has and a versatility that permits almost anything.

All my work is painted by natural north east light with the finest acrylic on either wood panels, paper boards or canvas. My palette consist of yellow, red and blue; warm and cold. I seldom use already mix colors. I always start with a drawing. Drawing was my first love. Since I am a professional picture framer. I frame my most important work myself with mouldings that I design myself. This way I can control the finish look. My painting are sold ready to go on a wall and are guaranteed for life.